The Wonderful Achievements of Lori Senecal

This article is surrounded around the Global CEO at Crispin & Bogusky, Lori Senecal. It will also give more general information about her in the end of the article. Senecal has said that her success in the present is attributed to her early life. By analyzing and looking at her success story, it has been concluded that here dreams have come true.


Right after she graduated from a university with a Sales and Marketing degree she then decided to join the employment world. Then, she turned everything touched by her into a success. Lori Senecal has talent of leading organizations and companies that are more improved since when she first arrived. She has a great dedication in bringing out the best in companies and people. This has made her more popular of employers who want her to be the organization’s leader. For more details visit Bloomberg.


She had used her innovation skills to launch and conceive TAG Ideation. This is a young-adult unit of marketing. She is wealthy with knowledge in multinational account experience with a large amount of experience in analytics in data. She has worked with some of the most popular brands of the world. Some of those particular brands are Nestle, Staples, Sprint and Applebee’s. She has also had experience with Coca-Cola the as the Global Accountant Director. Also, since October 2005 till 2008. She has served with DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. in the position of a Chief Marketing Officer. Also, it is important to note that a company called Fast Company has honored her leadership contributions recently in the revolution of more ways in the future of doing business.


Now some more general information about Senecal. Senecal has joined CP+B in 2015. Since that time, she has made a great impact on the company, both in the business and culture aspects. She has made it into an agency which is collaborative, agile, and inventive as well. She has also been named consecutively of the Power 100 List for the last two years recognizing the top leaders in marketing, tech, and media.



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Securus Technologies Providing Better Security Measures for Prisons with its Newest Wireless Containment System

One of the biggest security lapses that the prisons face these days is the use of contraband cell phones. Across different prisons and correctional facilities, the problem of illegal cell phones have long been taking hundreds of lives, but no one has been able to connect these murders with that of the problem of cell phones. The news came to light after a correctional officer with the name of Robert Johnson was shot in his home by unidentified men. Even though it seems like he pissed off some drug cartels during his work, the investigators were surprised to find that the person behind the hit was already in jail for a murder he committed some years back. So, how someone inside the prison was able to call a contract killer and pay him for the work he did. The answer to me quite easy – cell phones.


Today, there is nothing that cell phones cannot do. From the basics such as making calls to the most complicated such as sending payments, everything can be done with just a few clicks of the buttons of the smartphones. It is the same technology that is also used by the inmates to organize crimes and even murder of the people that do not listen to them. The issue that they are locked inside doesn’t matter as everything is accessible to them via cell phones that are smuggled inside the prisons. After the news of Robert Johnson came into the limelight, the authorities accepted that illegal cell phones were more than just a nuisance for the prison industry. It was the time that the authorities took them seriously and do something more concrete than conducting surprise searches to get rid of them from the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies has come up with a new Wireless Containment System that allows the prisons to stop the use of illegal phones completely.


Wireless Containment System by Securus Technologies is much more advanced than what the prisons have been using to block the cell networks. It is an intelligent device that can identify and separate the authorized calls from the unauthorized ones. It blocks all calls from unauthorized devices and can also locate the exact place where the calls were made from. It has made it easier for the prison officials to track down the illegal cell phones. The best part about them is even if the cell phones are not located; it prevents the inmates from getting in contact with their associates from the outside world. Thus, they are unable to organize or plan anything. In all of the prison that the device has been tested, Securus Technologies is seeing some amazing results, and it is no surprise that more prisons are adopting it in the coming months.


Ian King: The Crypto Asset Expert You Should Consult

Crypto assets have taken the modern market by a storm. This is considered to be one of the most exciting areas to invest in the recent times. Although this investment opportunity is slowly becoming very popular among people, few people understand it perfectly. When the term Bitcoin or blockchain is mentioned, few people will understand what it means and what impact it has in their lives. There are few professionals who have ventured into the crypto asset world, and this is one of the reasons many people have not invested in this market. The cryptocurrency revolution is a perfect department for making money when an investor has been given the right guidance. If you are interested in this exciting market, consider getting advice from Ian King, a professional who is currently working for Banyan Hill. More information here.

Ian King has become very popular in the recent times because of his expertise in the matters concerning crypto assets. Thousands of people who have subscribed to the newsletters from Ian King have managed to make a lot of wealth in the recent times. Ian King deals with most of the cryptocurrencies that have emerged in the recent times, and this is why he understands all of them. The businessman has been patient enough to teach investors and at the same time show them the right tools to use so that they never make profits.

Ian King has come a very long way. His path to success has not been easy. According to a recent interview, Ian always knew what he wanted to venture into, even when he was a very young boy. King wanted to become a trader, and he wanted to trade in some of the best companies in the world. To make sure that his dream came into a reality, the business worked so hard when offered an opportunity, and this is why he has achieved so much over the years. When Ian joined college several years ago, he managed to acquire the trading skills he needed.

After completing his studies, King was excited to join the trading department and lead the life he was always dreaming about. The businessman was offered numerous opportunities in leading companies all over the country. For more than twenty years, Ian King worked for leading organizations in New York City, and he commanded so much respect because of the impact he made in the lives of the investors. Ian King was offered an opportunity at Banyan Hill last year. Related:


Paul Mampilly- Senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing

Profits Unlimited is a newsletter published under a Florida based publishing form known as Banyan Hill Publishing. It was started in 2016 by Paul Mampilly, a prominent investor in the United States. Paul Mampilly is a senior editor for the publishing house when he takes care of financial investment publications. Profits Unlimited newsletter has over 100,000 subscribers so far. This is a record growth since it has been on the market for less than two years. Paul Mampilly love for investment industry pushed him to start this newsletter so that he could assist people who were willing to change their lives through profitable investments to do so.

Paul Mampilly started this newsletter after he stopped working in the Wall Street. Mr. Mampilly felt that there was a need to focus on the majority of people in the country who wanted to benefit from financial investments. Paul Mampilly had spent two decades working for a minority group of billionaires who exploited his knowledge to grow their wealth. Paul Mampilly felt that there was a need to change this culture. The investment industry, especially in the stock markets, should not be a privilege of the wealthy. Every person, even the low-income earners should have a chance to earn from the markets. Visit Paul Mampilly at

Paul Mampilly identified a group of Americans who want to raise their standards of living by making profitable investments. With the experience he has working in the financial industry, this was not a hard task for him. He could easily give an analysis of various stock markets and enable subscribers to follow with ease. Paul Mampilly normally identifies stocks which have a high probability of gaining. He usually chooses the small caps firms which are nearing explosion stage. These are companies where investors can invest when the shares are very low and earn when prices skyrocket.

Paul Mampilly has been in the sector for about 25 years. He knows how to make the right decisions and so far, his clients are the most satisfied lot. They have benefited from correct predictions of the markets and follow up analysis of the stocks which he has recommended.

Paul Mampilly is the winner of the Templeton Foundation Award of 2009. He emerged the best trader in the competition which had brought numerous professional traders from Wall Street. He turned a capital of $50 million to $88 million during the great economic depression of 2008-2009. Apart from this, he has a record of being the best hedge fund manager in 2006 while working for the Kinetics Asset management.

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The Realizations That Led To The Successful Career Of Ted Bauman

In 2013 Ted Bauman became the editor of the Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert and the Bauman Letter. His specialties include issues regarding international migration, privacy, asset protection and investment strategies with a low risk factor. He helps people by placing them in contact with necessary resources. Ted Bauman received an excellent education with postgraduate degrees in both History and Economics. He spent 25 years in South Africa in the nonprofit sector. He was invaluable for low cost housing projects and has helped 14 million individuals.

Ted Bauman has an office in his basement and goes to work right after he takes his daughter to school. Since he has eliminated the commute he is able to complete a lot of his work during the morning. Sometimes he rises extra early to complete numerous tasks prior to the business day. No matter how early he starts working he generally quits by 5:00 p.m. He thinks of what is important to his subscribers and readers as he considers the current news. Follow Ted Bauman at

Ted Bauman values his position as a writer with Banyan Hill Publishing. His narrative and writing skills are exceptional and encourage his readers. This is especially true regarding asset protection and finances. He enjoys his readers questioning the United States and Global economies. He believe his readers have started questioning the practice of accommodating large corporations as an effective strategy. The readers are wondering if future benefits for society can be gained with the financial strategies of the Western governments.

Ted Bauman has found numerous issues and contradiction arising due to the free capital movement. He has never been a fan of governmental regulations but believes everyone should be aware of the issues. He sees larger numbers of people taking an interest in solutions that were not previously available. He is efficient in managing his time and is very productive in the morning. This is when he places the greatest emphasis on his work.

Ted Bauman worked several minimum wage jobs during his youth. He learned this was not the type of position he wanted for the future. He also realized how difficult it is to make a living with hard physical work and flak from various bosses. This led to the realization that the welfare of the individuals at the bottom are just as important as those at the top. Looking back he would have done a few things differently. He would learn how to manage his time better earlier to increase his productivity. He admits he also should have paid closer attention to the technicality of economics.



Ian King: The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies represent one of the most exciting opportunities for investment to the millennial generation according to Ian King Banyan. Ian King is one of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency advisors. With over 20 years of experience in the world of financial market analysis, he brings to the table a wealth of expertise to this newly emerging class of assets. It is in his belief that the current mania surrounding cryptocurrencies is speculative but also contains several investment opportunities similar to those posed by Google and Amazon during bubble of the late 1990s. Visit to learn more.

The rise of decentralized smart contracts and applications for blockchain technology has created solutions for problems of the world did not even know existed. While Bitcoin itself posted over 1500% gains over the last year, many people are calling for the end of the well-known cryptocurrency. Ian King Banyan believes that this is only the beginning as the cryptocurrency markets are pushing more and more towards the tipping point which is defined as the moment of critical mass where ideas and products spread similar to a pathogen. It is in his belief that this tipping point occurred in 2017. While many have missed on the spectacular returns for 2017 posted for nearly all cryptocurrencies this is not mean that the boat has sailed as 2018 represents a brand-new opportunity for investment.

In fact, mainstream investors are not the only individuals interested in the new class of assets. Both corporations and governments around the world have been hiring blockchain experts to develop applications for the new technology. As this technology is developed, it is poised to eliminate intermediaries in various industries across the world. It allows the instantaneous exchange of value between individuals on a peer-to-peer network that is entirely decentralized and immutable something which value is hard to overstate. View This Article for more info.

One of the aspects that have created this explosive growth in the world cryptocurrencies is the creation of new trading platforms which has made it easier for the everyday investor to participate. In fact, cryptocurrency platform Coinbase recently replaced YouTube is the most downloaded app off of iTunes. This is allowed individuals to purchase an array of cryptocurrencies utilizing their native currency from anywhere in the world at any time. As of right now, the total cryptocurrency market represents only 0.3% of the world’s total market capitalization. This has created a brand-new financial mania as speculation on these currencies continue to generate massive returns.

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Kevin Seawright Is Now Working With Real Estate Companies To Increase Home Ownership In Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is a certified public accountant and former Vice President of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation who is currently Managing Partner of RPS Solutions Inc. in Baltimore. RPS Solutions is connected to both city housing authorities and real estate agencies that seek to lower housing costs for buyers and renters and also help people get past all the red tape for bank mortgages. Seawright has long thought that some of Baltimore’s suburban neighborhoods have lacked diversity, and he believes RPS will allow minorities and lower income home buyers to come into those communities. It’s been tough for many people to buy new homes including one young man who Seawright used to work with at a Baltimore community center who now works at the housing department. But thanks to the program at RPS Solutions, that young man is happy to announce he will own his first home. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

Kevin Seawright has quite a long resume of financial work ranging from managing the books for some of Baltimore’s key public departments including its public parks and schools. His education comes from some of the nation’s top business institutions including the Notre Dame Mendoza Business School where he completed a post-grad Executive Leadership course not long ago. Baltimore reported a budget surplus in one year that Seawright helped adjust their allocations, and he also brought a new way to monitor the budgets and performance for the city’s operations through CitiStat, a big analytics software system. Read this article at Live Newspaper to know more.

On top of being involved in the Baltimore finance committee, Seawright also became a member of the National Association of Black Accountants and American Society for Public Administration, and he was also campaign director for mayoral candidate Otis T. Rolley in the 2011 Baltimore mayoral election. Rolley did not win the election, and for several years after that race Seawright left Baltimore. He started focusing on other urban business development initiatives as the Vice President of Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors in Washington D.C., and that same position at Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation, the last company he served at prior to starting RPS Solutions. But he’s also been active at the Babe Ruth Museum’s advisory board, and he’s the father of a young girl named Tia who he’s said he enjoys watching play softball. Check out his LinkedIn page here:

Felipe Montoro Jens: A Reliable Partner

Being a partner of the government with their public projects is considered as an honor in Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens, a Brazilian entrepreneur based in the United States, has to return to his motherland when the Brazilian government sent him an invitation to work as a government consultant. They believe in his expertise of dealing fairly with private institutions, and the Brazilian government thought that he will be a great addition to their team as the one who would facilitate each project and the one who would make it possible for private companies to accept the deal being presented to them, authored by the government. Since he returned to Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens have been appointed by the government to oversee the operations of the public-private partnerships program of the government. One of the most recent projects assigned to him is the massive construction of educational institutions throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

According to the project laid out by the government, the city of Rio de Janeiro will be seeing a massive contruction boom with regards to educational institutions. The city will be seeing an additional 40,000 day care centers and 20,000 preschools all throughout the city. The government is serious about their plans of upgrading the status of education in the city, and they believe that by adding more schools in Rio de Janeiro, more children will be served by the government by providing them with quality education. Felipe Montoro Jens, the person who was assigned to oversee the whole project, claims that the target date of the Brazilian government can be achieved if proper communication between the concerned parties are laid out. The project is estimated to be completed by the end of 2020, and most people who are living in the city of Rio de Janeiro could not wait to see how the government project will enhance and alleviate the level of education in the city. See Also:



Matt Badiali: Helping Investors Increase Their Returns Significantly Using Science

Using his background in science has enabled Matt Badiali to provide excellent investment advice. Badiali has been sharing his advice through the newsletter ‘Real Wealth Strategist’ which Banyan Hill Publishing as been putting out since he joined the company in mid-2017. And readers and investors using Badiali’s tips have seen the returns on their investments soar into the double and triple digits. Not bad for a guy who until 2004 was focused on a career in geology. It wasn’t until a friend with a PH.D in finance asked Matt Badiali for help creating science-based investment strategies that he began providing investors with guidance. Visit Matt Badiali at to know more.

In his newsletter Matt Badiali focuses on the energy, agriculture, natural resources and metals industries. His advice resonates with investors because of the depth of research Matt Badiali does before recommending a particular product or industry. He not only reads up on the industries, he visits the sites were the oil, metals and other natural resources are being mined to see for himself how the work is progressing. Badiali even studies the weather reports to understand how that can impact production. He then writes compelling narratives revealing his unique insight.

A Penn State University graduate with a degree in earth science, Matt Badiali also attended Florida Atlantic University and earned a master’s in geology and was at the University of North Carolina pursuing a Ph.D. when fate led him into an entirely new career in 2004. Asked by a friend to use his background in science to help provide investors with better investment strategies, Badiali agreed. And he hasn’t looked back since. Seeing his father struggle to profit from his investments was a motivating factor for Matt Badiali and now he’s helping average Americans to get better returns on their money. Learn more on about Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali is encouraging his readers to consider investing in zinc, lead and copper this year. His research has revealed a consistent upward trend in their value over the past few years. And with supplies currently limited and demand high, Badiali thinks those metals offer investors the opportunity to get excellent returns. He is particularly excited about the potential growth in value of zinc and copper. Badialli encourages his readers to do more than simply follow his advice. He recommends they read as much as possible and learn more about the companies, markets and finance as well as the science behind the industries, before making their investments.



What You Should Know About Dr. Shafik Sachedina And Sussex Healthcare

In France, the name Dr. Shafik Sachedina is famous. The successful doctor has been on the forefront when it comes to leading by example in the society. Dr. Shafik is charged with driving the Jamati Institutions’ Department, a role that he handles with utmost dignity. Although on a busy schedule, the renowned doctor facilitates the coordination of programs under the Ismaili society.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where he got to spend little of his childhood. The young Sachedina moved to England to pursue his medicine dream and joined the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School, University of London. In 1975, Sachedina graduated from the institution with a degree in dental surgery. After graduating, Sachedina set out to begin his practice in England where he served for several years.

Dr. Sachedina insists that it is during the period he was practicing that he started developing an interest in the entrepreneur part of the healthcare sector. Shafik’s relationship with Agha Khan Jamati Institutions is close as he serves as a volunteer. The talented doctor is charged with coordinating Ismaili community’s institutions in the 16 locations they are situated. Besides, Dr. Shafik has volunteered for two terms as the president of Ismaili Council for the UK.

Read more: A delegation of the Aga Khan Foundation led by Shafik Sachedina meets Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov

However, in the recent past, the name Sachedina has attracted the attention of the media due to his new venture, Sussex Health Care. Dr. Sachedina’s health care is behind many care homes situated in West Sussex. The care homes operate independently and concentrate on attending to the elderly especially those with mental disorders such as dementia.

Dr. Sachedina believes in bringing the best care one can ever seek. Therefore, he has equipped the care homes with the best of the best specialists who hold an experience needed to take care of those with mental disabilities. Besides, the homes also attend to individuals with acquired brain injuries, as well as learning difficulties. Sussex Health Care has been operational for the past three decades. Today, the homes have attended to more than 300000 individuals and still recording more and more.

As one of the organization’s chair, Dr. Sachedina has remained focused on expanding the areas of service by establishing new facilities. Not long ago, the organization launched a new daycare in Broadbridge, outside Horsham. The new outreach offers a temporary residential placement for individuals with acquired brain conditions. Also, the home has some slots for the younger generation with learning difficulties.

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