Madison Street Capital merges DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group

Madison Street Capital is an international banking institution that serves the middle-income market. In this article, it acted as a financial manager to DCG Software Value. DCG is a global software provider of function point analysis, software value management, and software estimation services. The merger was between DCG Software Value and the Spitfire Group, A business tech-consulting firm located in Denver. Madison Street Capital has in recent times, become increasingly assorted over the past few years in the innovation of software and hardware apps. Economic wise, it has helped the sector grow by large margins especially in cloud computing and software-as-a-service. These services have continued to generate chances in the use of end-user facilities.


They remain highly profitable despite setbacks. Such setbacks include piracy, litigation, high research, and development costs without forgetting expensive labour costs. The Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, instigated this particular merger, which was led by Jay Rodgers. However, the terms of negotiations were not disclosed to the public. The CEO of DCG Software Value, Mike Harris, and Mark Richer Meyer, CEO of Spitfire Group commended Charles on the merger. Jay continued to praise Madison Street Capital from earlier and present contributions to the success of his firm. The merger placed its goal at improving customer experience to the software they developed. They combined the two company’s skillset to achieve a higher additional value by expanding facilities they offered to consumers.


DCG Software Value has been in business since 1994, offering software services to multiple companies of all sizes. Its primary aim is to maximize the flow of software development value. It has led to improvement in decision making, resource management, and quantifying their impact on the industry. The software is a part of a computer system that consists of data/ computer instructions. DCG Software Value has been developing such software; it is integrated with Spitfire Group was a plus to the software technology sector. Upon the successful merger, several functions were upped. Function Point Analysis, which is a method of functional size measurement.


It evaluates the functionality delivered to its users based on the user’s external view of the requirements. In other terms, software is migrated to the production application at project implementation. Secondly, software value management is a project managing procedure that aids in the integration of three related mechanisms related to project performance. The three components include scope, cost, and schedule. The last function of DCG Software Value is software estimation service. It entails a prediction process on the most realistic efforts required in the development and maintenance of the software. It bases on an uncertain, incomplete and noisy input. Spitfire Group that started in 2004; it is a business-oriented tech-consulting firm. It delivers services in architecture assessments, development, and integration services. It also deals with custom development projects.


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Anthony Petrello Bringing Service That Changes Lives

Tony Petrello started in humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey, but soon caught on to ways of success and accomplishments and made way for himself in the oil industry. Petrello is now the CEO of the worlds largest drilling company in the world, specialing in land-based drilling. Besides his for-profit work in the oil industry, Petrello has helped fund research to solve neurological diseases, which inflict humanity.

Anthony Petrello laid the foundations of his long-time career by attending the University of Yale, where he studied mathematics on a scholarship, then he graduated from Harvard Law School with a JD. Petrello’s great success comes from his dedication and commitment to continue working toward his goals combined with a willingness to learn from others. When Petrello was growing up, he had a strong bent towards scientific research and problem-solving.

His interest and dedication paid off when Yale University awarded Tony Petrello a scholarship to be mentored by Serge Lang. After Tony Petrello became a wealthy oil industry leader thru being CEO of Nabors drilling, Petrello set aside a sizable sum of money to have a scholarship funded at Yale University in honor of his late mentor, Serge Lang.

While working at the Law firm of Baker & McKenzie, he serviced one of the contracts with Nabors Drilling. The owners became very impressed with the enthusiasm of Petrello and started to offer him a position, which convinced Petrello to join Nabors as an executive. It was from these first steps to success that later catapulted Petrello to become the CEO of Nabors a few years later. To this day he continues his same work ethic while providing relief to local communities thru his charitable foundation.

Tony Petrello also enjoys giving back to the community, and this is one reason why he is on the Board of Texas Children’s Hospital. When Tony and Cynthia Petrello’s daughter was born with a rare disease which impairs motor skills called periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), there was no cure for this disease available to heal their daughter. Tony and Cynthia Petrel pledged 7 million dollars of their personal wealth to fund research and treatment for PVL.

Tony and Cynthia Petrello find great hope that their daughter Carena, as well as other children, who suffer from PVL, will one day be able to live up to their full potential thru the present research leading to a cure. With the help of contributions from the Petrello Foundation funding established the Neurological Research Institute, which provides hope for a future treatment for PVL.

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Targeted Drugs can Cure Cancer; Clay Siegall Rigorous Research Conviction

Clay Siegall graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and later attained his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. He started working at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health in 1988 before leaving to join Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute in 1991. He did not stay for long as in 1997 he left the research firm and started his own Seattle Genetics in 1998. His story has been of success and intense research holding 15 patents and over 70 publications.

He serves as the Chairman of the board of directors, CEO, and president of Seattle Genetics. Under his guidance, the firm has been able to develop different kinds of antibody-based cancer therapies. The famous one is the FDA approved ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin). Additionally, he has led the company in raising capital through a successful IPO in 2001 and other private and public funding initiatives.

Being a trained scientist, Clay Siegall employed demanding research, drug development strategies, and scientific advancement to found Seattle Genetics due to his compassion for helping patients. The company develops antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) such as ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin) which was in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceuticals. ADCETRICS have developed into a worldwide brand with approval in more than 65 countries. The company is accelerating its development of diverse proprietary ADCs products mostly for cancer treatment. There are over 20 ADCs that are undergoing clinical trial and development between Seattle Genetics, internal and collaborator programs.

The quest for ADCs technology has been tremendous, leading Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics to enter in numerous strategic partnerships with leading global pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer, Genentech (Roche), GlaxoSmithKline and AbbVie, among others. Clay Siegall is a board of director’s member of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals, and Washington Roundtable.

After seeing some of his employee’s patents get high rewarding returns at Bristol-Myers, he decided to dedicate his life to research. This was also influenced by the painful and limited treatment methods and tools for oncologists in treating cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation. He has sought to come up with a better treatment method like targeted drugs, and his relentless efforts shave started paying off, both in his purpose to help cancer patients and financially.

Southridge Capital Leaps to the Big League

It was started as an alternative private equity firm. Southridge Capital was started in Connecticut in 1996 to provide asset management and financial services to individuals and groups that could not access the same services from the existing institutions. The company has grown, and now has assets worth billions. The company provides advisory services to public entities and private individuals. Southridge Capital has a diverse range of clients to take care of.



The Southridge Leadership



The advisory services company has a team of highly experienced leaders who make decisions that focus on customer needs and company growth. Southridge Capital is proud to have invested over $1.8 billion in companies with a promise of growth. Southridge sticks to its original dream of providing services that uplift the financial wellbeing of people that could otherwise be categorized as unbanked and, thus, not worthy of formal assistance from the traditional financial institutions. The company is proud to have helped over 250 growth companies to find their profit paths. The organization is founded on the principle of an in-depth understanding of the challenges that startups go through. Therefore, it has set up a special department that focuses on empowering the owners and managers of the growth companies to overcome the usual challenges that they face in business. Southridge Capital provides services such as helping businesses transition to public companies by advising on documentation and other nuances required by the law. You can visit for more details.




Southridge Capital Spreads Out



Southridge offers that stretch across the financial needs bases under the advisory services cover. Some of the services apart from investment advice include financial analysis. Clients of the company can access detailed financial statements that are made with due consideration to the organizations’ business objectives and assumptions. Southridge also helps its clients to write balance sheets that are optimized, with the intention of encouraging the business to strike a balance between its equity availability and debt levels. The company also helps businesses to access merger information through its consultancy services. They also help to identify suitable merger candidates for organizations that need to merge to enhance their financial and organizational capacity. Southridge has since lived up to its original goals and provides a wide range of services beyond its original catchment areas. It is becoming a global investment and asset management firm. For more info you can visit their website



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Igor Cornelsen Russian Bet Pays Off

In the Seventies and Eighties Banking World in Brazil, one man in Rio de Janeiro was president of one bank and a member of many others. His name is Igor Cornelsen and he was once the CEO of Multibanco, as well as was once a member of their board of directors. The main reason for this high status in society in the banking world is because he graduated from the Federal University of Parana with a degree in finance and a background in engineering. Back in the 1970’s and ‘80s, there were not a lot of people who are as privvy to the technology surrounding financial algorithms and software as there are today. Today, there are very complex computers and calculators which can create financial algorithms; but Igor was one of the closest things to that back then. So he combined his knowledge with the Leverage that it gave him to ascend the ranks and climb the ladders of investment banking corporate world in Brazil. See more of Igor Cornelsen at

Many of Igor’s contemporaries did not always agree with him and they formulated their own opinions about the markets directions. What Igor Cornelsen states as being one of the most important aspects of his career is indeed his in partiality and his dedication to stick to the facts, rather than listening to individual investors’ opinions of future market directions. This understanding, which Igor Cornelsen stresses many times, was perhaps best exemplified when one time Russia defaulted on its debt and all of his friends thought that Russia would never pay it back. Rather than blindly following them, he did his due diligence and read articles on Reuters which helped him formulate opinions on the future direction of the Russian markets. It is because of his diligence that Igor Cornelsen was rewarded when Russia did in fact pay back its debt.



Bio: Felipe Montoro Jens on Public Private Partnerships

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens, from Sao Paulo Brazil,has been a successful business man in the international community for the last 25 years. Mr. Montor has over 25 years of professional experience working across the world in places such as the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom and Portugal. He has worked for large multinational enterprises such as Price water house coopers, Enron and Enel and other private partnership companies.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has a superior education with an undergraduate degree from the FundacaoGetulio Vargas/ Brazil in the study of business and furthered his studies at Thunderbird American Graduate School of International Management where he received his graduate degree. His education has prepared him well for his vast and diverse business knowledge in the international market in; oil and gas, energy, sugar, Ethanol and real estate. Visit to learn more.

He has also partnered with many different agencies to bring about clean and environmentally safe waste removal from cities and towns in Brazil. He also specializes in infrastructure and development. Through infrastructure and development he has aided many entities in providing safe and effect waste removal leading to the overall improvement of life in the regions that he has worked. He has worked with government departments to find cost saving and effect measures to not only benefit towns and cites but the companies he has served.

Mr. Jens is the Chairman of ArboreolandEmpreendimentosImbiliarios. He is the executive officer of AC Energia SA, COncessionariaInteroceanica Sur Tramo 2, Empresa de Generacion Huallaga SA, and is Principal in Maranon Energia SA and Peru InversionesEnInfraestructure SA. He holds numerous positions and has held numerous high ranking potions in several leading energy companies and continues to be a business leader in today and into the future.



Bob Reina: Dreams for Talk Fusion

Bob Reina’s article entitled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” put the spotlight on techniques and video styles of 2016 and the roles they play in the realm of marketing. Reina pitches ideas IT professionals based on the increasing popularity of video, analysis of the market and consumer trends. Debuting on MarTech Advisor during May of 2016, he contributes to The Huffington Post as well. He is also the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion’s First Customer


The excitement over Talk Fusion’s Video Email was a game changer so Bob Reina began to talk to everyone he knew about it. The buzz that was generated before the business launch attracted several associates and customers to the business. The key to network marketing is to approach people you know, people you have relationships with and talk to them about the benefits. When he first started in network marketing he would sell products from the trunk of his police car by engaging his fellow officers. Learn more:


Bob Reina’s Marketing Strategy to Generate New Business


It’s about development, people will gravitate to you if your product is quality. Give your brand a personality, connect with people to ensure that your brand is on people’s minds. Use video chat to call prospects, capture leads on sign up forms and share the testimonials about your product.


The Toughest Decision Bob Reina Has Made Recently


A technology company can never stop its advancement. Bob Reina has several ideas and directions that he wants to take Talk Fusion but not all of the ideas can be executed at once. Reina finds there are times when he has to decide which project to put into place first and which project will have to wait. He finds the answer by focusing on the current market and the solution that will be the most instrumental in future success is implemented.


Bob Reina believes that the investment in talk Fusion’s employees is the most important one when it comes to makin a difference. He believes that there are excellent books available but his inspiration comes from those he meets.


Efforts Made by Eucatex President Flavio Maluf to Increase its Productivity

Live is fashioned in a way that nothing can function properly without the help of another. In the world of business, no company produces and uses their own products; they have to depend on the consumers so as to make profits. Because of this fact, many businesses have merged and boosted each other’s brand while others acquire properties of other businesses so as to increase their profit margins. Because of this existing principle in the market, Eucatex and Duratex have come into business collaboration.

According to Flavio Maluf the President of Eucatex business, his organization will surrender its farm located in Capao Bonito in return of the Duratex’s farm located in Botucatu city. The Botucatu farm will help Eucatex produce the most needed thin sheets within the company. The Botucatu plant has a population of around 280 employees and an approximate of 200,000 cubic meters every year. As a result of this agreement, Duratex will have to re-open its production factory at Itapetinga which is near to the Duratex Unit. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

The good news was made public to the workers and leaders of Botucatu by Flavio Maluf where he called for their collaboration in making the business a success. This acquisition will level up the production paint capacity by 30%, the fiberboards by 70% and paper printing by 40%. It will enhance reduction of loses and better the maintenance while increasing the sales as well. The acquisition will increase the presence of Eucatex in Brazil and in the market world where they have not been able to spread. As usual such business relationships lead to the creation of both direct and indirect job opportunities hence it will reduce the rate of unemployment. The acquisition awaits the go-ahead of CADE, which approves such acquisitions.

Flavio Maluf has been the CEO and Chairman of Eucatex S.A Industria since 2005 and serves also as the business’ Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers. He also serves in Eucatex Trading e Engenharia as the Vice CEO and in EucatexQuimica e Mineral as the Chief CEO. He studied Mechanic Engineering at Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado and other specialization courses in various institutions. Learn more:


Dick Devos Works to Make a Difference

Dick Devos comes from a very wealthy family, but he has always worked hard in the corporate world. He has made it one of his goals in life to improve the lives of those in his home community and to seek change in the public policy areas that he cares deeply about.


Grand Rapids is the hometown of Dick Devos and his wife Betsy. Mr. Devos’ family founded the Amway Corporation, and he served as the CEO of that company from 1993 to 2002. During his tenure as the CEO of Amway, Mr Devos used his position to help rebuild the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


When the city of Grand Rapids set forward a plan to build its new convention center outside of the downtown region, Dick Devos realized that this would actually cause harm to the city as a whole. He used his considerable influence to block the building of the convention center, and a new arena and convention center were built downtown. Downtown Grand Rapids was further revitalized by Mr. Devos’ efforts resulting in a performance hall, a city market and a medical school locating in the downtown area.


In addition to aiding his community from a business perspective, Mr. Devos has worked in the area of philanthropy as well. He and his wife donated a significant amount of money to help fund the construction of a children’s hospital that was part of the Spectrum Hill Health System of Grand Rapids.


Dick Devos and his wife sought to make a difference in the state of Michigan as well. They wanted to promote better education for the state’s students. Mr. Devos has been an advocate for providing vouchers for students to use at both public and private schools. In spite of the Devos’ tireless efforts in this regard, the state of Michigan voted against a voucher system in 2000.


This defeat did not deter Mr. Devos. He pressed ahead with his political ambitions and ran for governor in 2006. He was defeated in that race by Jennifer Granholm.


Although defeated on two political fronts, Mr. Devos continued his advocacy for the ideas in which he believed in. He took his ideas for school reform across the nation, and 24 states now have some form of voucher system.


In 2012, Dick Devos worked to change the labor policies in his state. He fought for a right-to-work law in Michigan. This action was successful in 2012.


Currently, Mr. Devos is the CEO of his own business known as the Windquest Group. He also serves on the board of the Federal Aviation Administration, and he is heavily involved in the private school that he founded known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


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Jeff Yastine and Meticulous Financial Journalism

Jeff Yastine is an admired figure in the investment sector. He’s a Banyan Hill Publishing staff member who is known for his extensive work editing Total Wealth Newsletter, a trusted online newsletter. Banyan Hill Publishing is an investment knowledge platform that operates in Delray Beach, Florida. Total Wealth Insider is full of investment openings that many people cannot easily find independently. It strives to assist people who are ready to gain liberation in the financial division. It strives to assist those who want their existences to be more productive and enriching, too. Jeff Yastine is a seasoned journalist who writes about all kinds of topics that are part of the financial category. His journalism skills are so noteworthy that he’s even been on the receiving end of a nomination for an Emmy award. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

People turn to Yastine for knowledge that’s detail-oriented. They turn to him for proficiency that’s honest and helpful, too. His pieces give people information that involves social networking dilemmas, oil manufacturing, solar power, dividend stocks, hackers, financial institutions across the world, cyber threats and bitcoin.

Jeff Yastine has a lot of experience interviewing prominent figures. He in the past scored an interview with Richard Thaler, a Nobel Prize laureate. Thaler has been acknowledged for his behavioral economics concepts. Yastine has also been able to speak with esteemed individuals such as Alice Rivlin. Rivlin used to be part of the Federal Reserve board. He’s been at the helm of interviews with a seemingly endless stream of governors, congressman and senators as well. View:

Yastine started his work with Banyan Hill Publishing and the Sovereign Society back in August of 2015. He describes Banyan Hill Publishing as being a system that’s composed of international aficionados who know a lot about investment possibilities that are out there. Yastine indicates that the company’s namesake is the powerful banyan tree. This professional used to work for the Oxford Club LLC as its editorial director. He began working with the company in the spring of 2011. He stayed with it until the spring of 2013 as well. Yastine was in charge of all kinds of attempts that related to the development of editorial matters there. He managed freelancers and on-site team members alike. He served as a consultant for the Oxford Club’s marketing, financial seminar and video missions, too. Jeff Yastine graduated from the University of Florida with a telecommunications degree. It’s a bachelor of arts degree. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.