Julie Zuckerberg, a Marvel in the Financial Services Industry

If you are of a mind to work in the financial industry, and you live in or around New York you may want to contact Julie Zuckerberg, of Deutsche Bank. Ms. Zuckerberg is an extremely capable woman who has been in the financial business world since graduating college. At that time, she joined Hudson as the director of candidate placement.


She was employed by Hudson, in 2002, for five years in which she recruited many people, attorneys, case managers, paralegals and support staff and whatever other staff was needed. Part of her duties as a recruiter was to explain the job to the candidate, such as the benefits, guidelines, and their prospects as well as the policies for promotion.


She Joined Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York in 2007 and an Executive Recruiter. She was an advisor to the management on different recruitment strategy, and the newest compensation trends in order for them to gain an edge over their competition. Julie also managed expatriate and international relocations, which gave her a major skill of finding talent internationally.


Julie became the executive recruiter for Citi Global due to her expertise and her exceptional performance along with her skills. With this new position, she gained the exposure and learned more about the recruitment process both in a practical manner and more in-depth. This is the experience which helps the recruiters to be able to identify which of the candidates they are working with would be the most productive for the company. The hiring of just the right candidate is an art, and the key to her, or any recruiters, success and enhancing their performance. She has garnered a wealth of information and knowledge in Compliance, management, and recruitment, legal and audits. One of her jobs was to work with the senior management staff to plan and provide good business strategy.


At present, she is employed by Deutsch Bank in Manhattan, New York, an investment banking company that was started in 1870 in Germany. She holds two positions at present with Deutsch Bank, one as a Vice President and the second one as an executive recruitment lead. This very capable woman has a plethora of skills, just some of which include interviewing skills, strategy, human resources, succession planning, employee training applicant, tracking, and coaching. She is among the top most experienced and qualified people in talent acquisition and human resources management.


She believes that with the right recruitment of just the right people and the lessening of attrition is a key component of any business success, which is an art that she has truly mastered over the years.


Julie Zuckerberg attended the New York School of Law at New York Brooklyn College and the New York Law School. From there she enrolled in the City University of New York-Brooklyn and studied philosophy.


In her private life, which she keeps on a very personal level, she enjoys the arts, running, and technology. Her other issues she cares about include human rights and animal rights. She does, however, maintain a Twitter page and a profile on Pinterest,




Bruce Levenson And Co. Sue Insurance Firm For Contract Violation

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a partner and co-founder of United Communications Group, http://www.ucg.com/AboutUs/Ownership.aspx, a company that has existed since 1977. He is also the proprietor of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Levenson received his BA from Washington University, St. Louis. He later attained his Juris Doctor from the American University.

He engages in philanthropy, being the chair of the Washington-based “I Have a Dream Foundation.” In 2015, he and his partners on the Atlanta Hawks ownership sold the franchise to Forbes billionaire Antony Ressler.

Litigation against Insurance Company

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball team and its ownership took their insurance provider, New Hampshire Insurance, to court over the violation of contract when settling claims made by Danny Ferry, a former General Manager. The suit was filed by the previous ownership group (AHBE), which included Bruce Levenson as controlling partner. The current ownership was not involved in the proceedings.

It was categorized as a civil action for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. AHBE asserts that the insurance covered losses, related employment practices such as wrongful dismissal and workplace misdeeds. According to the case files, AHBE informed the insurance firm on April 2, 2015, that the assertions made by David Ferry were covered in the policy.

Ferry and the ownership agreed to settle on June 22, 2015, marking an end to a relationship that began in 2012 with a six-year, $18 million contracts. Two days after the settlement, the Hawks ownership was transferred to the current team, for a reported $850 million. The current ownership refused to comment, citing distant relationship with the former ownership as the reason.

Additionally, it reveals that the insurance firm did not actively defend itself against the accusations when Ferry’s and Hawks’ attorneys were settling the case. The complaint also says that the insurer refused to pay for the loss without giving a sound reason.