Shiraz Bhogani Drives Quality Healthcare And Hospitality

Shiraz Boghani is a successful entrepreneur, an award-winning hotelier and business leader based in the UK. He is currently serving as the Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare, an innovative care and support network that operates multiple homes in the country. Additionally, he is the founder and chairman of the Splendid Hotels Group. The firm develops and manages exclusive hotels in the UK.

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He is responsible for the group’s growth strategy. He has a long history of pioneering innovations in the hospitality industry. Shiraz Boghani was among the first to introduce limited service hotels affiliated with popular chains in the industry. The group operates over twenty hotels including the Hilton London Bankside and Holiday Inn, Wembley among others. He also founded Sojourn Hotels and continues to serve as the chairman.

Under his leadership, Splendid Group continues to achieve unparalleled success. He has cultivated the support of global brands such as Hilton and IHG to deliver exclusive facilities that are quickly creating a name for themselves in the highly competitive hospitality sector. He also enjoys an excellent reputation with some of the largest capital groups in Europe. In 2016, Asia Business Awards recognized him as the Hotelier of the Year.

Similarly, he has guided Sussex Healthcare through futuristic strategies to achieve rapid growth. The group employs more than a thousand staff and operates more than twenty care homes for the elderly. For over thirty years, Sussex Healthcare has been providing relief to senior citizens with a diverse range of mental and physical conditions including learning disabilities and Alzheimer disease among others.

The care group promotes mobility and active lifestyles through innovative facilities. The independent care facilities feature cutting-edge health and wellness infrastructure. This includes gyms, professional kitchens and outdoor activities that ensure residents get the best possible care. Shiraz Boghani is uniquely positioned to lead the care center to greater heights in the future. Through focused leadership, he has grown the care network to gain prestigious accreditations such as ISO.

Similarly, the network is recognized by the Health Quality Service (HQS). HQS is a healthcare management organization that works with providers to consistently improve the quality of care. Shiraz Bhogani was born in Kenya. He immigrated to the UK where he trained as an accountant. He briefly worked for KPMG, the global professional consultancy firm.

He is affiliated with the Institute of Chartered Accounts. He has an extensive community development history. He donates both financial resources as well as time and energy into numerous community projects. He is associated with the Ismaili Community and the Aga Khan Development Network in Europe.

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