NewsWatch TV Avanca’s Indiegogo Campaign Review

Only the best of new technology and trends are shown on NewsWatch TV, giving people insight to the latest and most effective systems out there. They feature some of the most impressive and trendsetting technologies that are released every day. Innovation and great design are just some of the things that NewsWatch TV focuses on. Their personal interviews and demonstrations encompass both mobile apps and new devices. Interviewers bring a fun and friendly appeal, getting company team members to show the products they love in a personalized way. Watchers are able to get a fun and individualized look at technology along with the inside scoop on the developers. The entertainment value of NewsWatch TV is an important way that they stand out from the rest.
One innovator, Avanca, launched a funding campaign for ‘Ockel Sirius B pocket PC’. After getting a personalized NewsWatch TV interview, their campaign received more funding than their original goals. There were significant advantages of working with NewsWatch TV. According to the CMO, they enjoyed working together and the way that their products’ message was communicated. The straightforward and fun approach helped Avanca get the visual appeal and facetime with consumers who believed in the technology and were interested in seeing it progress. Avanca’s CMO also noted the professionalism and high quality content that NewsWatch TV was able to create around their interview.
NewsWatch TV Reviews provides televised content as well as distribution around the country. From television to online media outlets, Avanca was able to get the exposure they needed to succeed in their crowdfunding campaign. It also helped create an understanding about their product and services for the future.

WildArk: Encouraging the Preservation of the Natural

Wild Ark: A Movement Focused on Preserving and Education

WildArk is a conservation movement dedicated to.preserving and promoting natural spaces through exposure of natural resources as vacation destinations. Learn more:


Seeing Gorgeous Natural Sites as More Than Beautiful Photo Ops

Experiencing natural beauty as a location worthy of traveling to is Wild Ark’s intent as it promotes its top locations as places to travel to and learn about.


Wild Ark supports travel to these sites to let the general public become familiar with available, underutilized natural resources and their inherent value to future generations. Drawing attention to the locations and their unspoiled beauty before the opportunity to enjoy them naturally and at their best is gone is Wild Ark’s primary mission in its promotion and conservation efforts. Learn more:


A Movement for the Wild

Wild Ark considers itself to be “a movement for the wild” as it targets preservation and conservation. Far from merely being vocal “tree-huggers,” the members draw attention to the potential of preserving and enjoying these areas of beauty in an attempt to keep them for future generations.


Finding Methods for Creative Use is an Ideal Way to get People to Try to Save These Areas

Being able to single out these areas as irreplaceable and essential to our natural heritage is a perfect way to prove their value and gain support for their ongoing existence.


The Clout of a Major Organization Supporting Such a Meaningful Cause Can Only Engender Future Support for Wild Ark and its Promotion of “wild” vacation areas.

Wild Ark’s support and acknowledgement of scarce natural resources can draw attention to the sites and the likelihood that without protection, these sites will in fact disappear. The notoriety that Wild Ark can bring to this laudible ‘effort will make an effort toward preserving natural beauty!