Rodrigo Terpins Rally Driving to Victory

Rodrigo Terpins is a household name when the conversation is about Brazilian Rally Driving. Rally driving is a passion that Rodrigo Terpins is a top achiever in. Rodrigo Terpins born in Brazil entered the world of rally driving at a young age. Rodrigo now in his 40’s still has what it take to compete in rally racing championships giving his opponents a run for their money while walking away as the winner in countless rally driving competitions. Rodrigo Terpins grew up in a sport-oriented household so the motivation of competing and becoming the best of a particular sport is quite natural for Rodrigo.

Rodrigo Education and Career

T5 Participacoes

Position: Director

2008 – Present

Lojas Marisa

Position: Director


Stage Rallies

In the sport of rally driving, there are two types road rallies and stage rallies. Rodrigo Terpins is a stage rally driver that enjoys the thrill of the risks that come along with the sport. Since the 1960s stage rallies have been chosen the professional type of sport especially in Europe, Asia and Oceania that draw huge crowds of spectators. The roads that Rodrigo Terpins travel during a rally event that put his adrenaline level on an all-time high is accelerating at excessive speed down stretches of road of asphalt, mountain passes, rough forest tracks, ice and snow and even desert sand. Rally drivers race on closed-off public roads against the clock one car at a time. Rodrigo Terpins enjoy the challenge and the unpredictable stages of roads being traveled. Check out

Rodrigo Terpins Preparing for a Race

Rodrigo Terpins with his years of rally driving experience knows that there are four matters that must be intact to help defeat the competitors in the race.

  • Setting Up the Car

Rodrigo must know that his racing car must be durable and capable of the environment and the road he will be driving on can stand the stress that could possibly rip the car to pieces.

  • The Co-Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is in good hands when it comes to his Co-Driver who is a younger brother who is also an experienced rally driver. The co-driver tell the driver what is coming up on the road that he is traveling such as turns lengths jumps and surface changes. Rodrigo drives with confidence knowing his brother is by his side by radioed guidance.

  • The Pace Notes

Pace notes is a spoken code. Rodrigo’s brother as the co-driver narrates the codes to Rodrigo regarding tight winding single lane roads or warning him of blind corners, this information help Rodrigo to determine how much speed should be applied and how to maneuver the car.

  • Reacting to the Unknown

Rally driving is a sport that is unpredictable, when Rodrigo is driving at a high speed through the forest he has no idea what’s in the forest that could cause him a delay or break down, and weather conditions can change in the middle of a race and this go can go into several days and nights of racing. An inexperienced driver may become stressed out and just quit the race, but not Rodrigo Terpins once he’s in it he’s in it to win it and reacting to unknown certainties for Rodrigo is what make him a top achiever as a rally driver.

Rodrigo Terpins Support

Rodrigo Terpins come from a close net family. Rodrigo’s secret to his success is that he relies on his family for sportsmanship support as they have given him through the years. The Terpins family is proud of Rodrigo’s success along with the admiring fans of Brazil and Rally driving fans around the globe.