Sawyer Howitt, A Name To Remember

Sawyer Howitt is a student at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon. He is the son of David Howitt, the founder of the Meriwether Group.

Sawyer Howitt works with his father at the company, that specializes in management consulting, as well as services entrepreneurs by helping them acquire a disruptive, yet successful consumer brand. He is the company’s project manager and is very motivated to help fresh and large businesses succeed in their journey.

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He might sound like a normal high school kid, but he is far from normal. Howitt established a name for himself at The Oregon High School State Racquetball Championships in 2015. He didn’t take home the trophy, but played an exceptional game. You will see him in several events on the 2017 Oregon Racquetball schedule. He has the skills to go far in this game and has done nothing but mature to the point of being another representative from the Racquet Club from Portland, OR, headed to National Racquetball rankings. No doubt, he is worth watching, there is a bright, Racquetball career in his future and a good probability of seeing Sawyer Howitt in future Olympic Games. Not much longer and that’ll be a regular household name.