Securus Technologies Providing Better Security Measures for Prisons with its Newest Wireless Containment System

One of the biggest security lapses that the prisons face these days is the use of contraband cell phones. Across different prisons and correctional facilities, the problem of illegal cell phones have long been taking hundreds of lives, but no one has been able to connect these murders with that of the problem of cell phones. The news came to light after a correctional officer with the name of Robert Johnson was shot in his home by unidentified men. Even though it seems like he pissed off some drug cartels during his work, the investigators were surprised to find that the person behind the hit was already in jail for a murder he committed some years back. So, how someone inside the prison was able to call a contract killer and pay him for the work he did. The answer to me quite easy – cell phones.


Today, there is nothing that cell phones cannot do. From the basics such as making calls to the most complicated such as sending payments, everything can be done with just a few clicks of the buttons of the smartphones. It is the same technology that is also used by the inmates to organize crimes and even murder of the people that do not listen to them. The issue that they are locked inside doesn’t matter as everything is accessible to them via cell phones that are smuggled inside the prisons. After the news of Robert Johnson came into the limelight, the authorities accepted that illegal cell phones were more than just a nuisance for the prison industry. It was the time that the authorities took them seriously and do something more concrete than conducting surprise searches to get rid of them from the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies has come up with a new Wireless Containment System that allows the prisons to stop the use of illegal phones completely.


Wireless Containment System by Securus Technologies is much more advanced than what the prisons have been using to block the cell networks. It is an intelligent device that can identify and separate the authorized calls from the unauthorized ones. It blocks all calls from unauthorized devices and can also locate the exact place where the calls were made from. It has made it easier for the prison officials to track down the illegal cell phones. The best part about them is even if the cell phones are not located; it prevents the inmates from getting in contact with their associates from the outside world. Thus, they are unable to organize or plan anything. In all of the prison that the device has been tested, Securus Technologies is seeing some amazing results, and it is no surprise that more prisons are adopting it in the coming months.


Securus Technologies Provides The Best To Its Customers

As far as security inside correctional facilities is concerned, Securus Technologies is an undisputed leader. But it was not easy for Securus Technologies to reach this position. The company has always worked hard in order to keep its customers happy.


Securus Technologies realizes that people would like to remain in touch with their loved one who is behind bars. Besides, it is important for a person to know what is happening at home while the person is in the Facility. Besides, it is vital to know what is happening in the world. This is also an incentive for the person to complete the term and join the family back as soon as possible. It also becomes easier for the person to reconnect and adjust once again after coming out from jail.


This is why Securus Technologies is providing phone facilities from the jail. It also realizes that every person is different. This is why it is offering several options for people to choose from. There are a variety of payment plans for people to opt for.


Securus Technologies provides a prepaid account. Here the person in prison can be called up anytime. Besides, that person can also call up friends or family as long as there is balance in that account. Since the person has the prepaid account, hence it can be replenished as and when required. This way the person can be in touch always.


Another popular option from Securus Technologies is Advance Connect. In this, a person can call up the incarcerated loved one anytime. The bill will be sent later to the family on a monthly basis. Even that calls being made by the person in jail will be charged to the family. This way there are no charges on the incarcerated person as the family is paying.


Gang Violence on Decline with Securus Technologies

Our goal at our prison is getting gang violence to decline, despite the gang population on the rise. The biggest issue is not so much with the gang itself, it is how they feel about rival gangs inside the jail. These gangs become very territorial and when you don’t know how their system works, you can cause trouble in the blink of an eye. Over the years we have taken some extreme measures to try and keep the peace, but that being said, this is always a second away from becoming a very volatile situation.


As corrections officers, we give these gangs a degree of respect in the jail, and they in turn do the same for us. It is when another gang member crosses the line that violence escalates and all of us are in tremendous danger. Add into the mix those inmates who have no gang affiliation and decide they want to cause trouble for whatever reason. This is a very dangerous situation that we like to stay on top of to keep things incident free. I recall an incident where a new inmate who had no idea about gangs walked to a gang area of the prison and was immediately beaten by a half-dozen inmates sending a message.


Securus Technologies currently has an inmate call monitoring system in our prison we use to keep drugs and weapons out of the jail. This company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and has 1,000 loyal employees all working towards the same objective of keeping the world as safe as possible. The company recently trained me and my fellow officers to use the LBS software so we could tighten down gang violence. We had no idea how effective it would ultimately be.


No sooner did we begin using the call monitoring system, we discovered chatter from low-ranking gang members who were talking about where they were going to acquire weapons and hide them in the yard. Our team was able to get to the yard before the inmates were let out of the cells so we could retrieve the weapons. On another call, we heard talking about how inmates were ordered to sell drugs to others and kick the money back to the top leaders of that gang.


These calls have helped us to decline gang violence through the entire prison. The best part is that these inmates usually have no idea that they are the ones giving us the information that leads to them getting caught in the act. Even though they are aware we can listen in on the calls, they just don’t think that their own will make that mistake, yet they are either sloppy or just think they can trick us.


How Securus Technologies Helped Us Foil a Jail Escape

One of the biggest concerns that we have at the prison is an escape. Despite our facility having never had an escape attempt, we never let our guard down because these inmates are working 24 hours a day to find weaknesses in our system. We had word from an inside source that a new inmate who was transferred to our facility because he had escaped every jail he went to had us on high alert.


My job was to keep an extra pair on eyes on the inmate, but my time in the jail is limited, so this inmate has plenty of time to work his plan. While things appeared normal on the inside, this inmate already had help on the inside and outside making it so that he could escape when the next crew of inmates was delivered to us. Those days we also transfer out inmates to other facilities, and this inmate had a plan to mix in with the outgoing group and takeover the transportation vehicle.


It was around this time that we had already been in communications with Securus Technologies, who were busy installing a new inmate communication system in our jail. I was told that this was the week I was going to be trained on the software, and it was quite an extensive training. During this time I was able to learn how to find certain things over the phone the inmates were saying to one another that helped me to identify something unusual.


The day of the inmate transfer, I was alerted by the system of suspicious activity, and I had my whole team on alert. Rather than having a regular driver, a SWAT team was in place and nabbed the inmate as he tried to takeover the guard that was moving inmates. The LBS software was key in helping us keep our jail safe again.