Betsy DeVos Brings Experience to a Cabinet Position

Betsy DeVos long since maintained notoriety in Michigan Republican Party circles. As a donor to the GOP, she assisted the party on a national level as well. Beyond party activities, DeVos involved herself in a host of philanthropic and charitable endeavors. After being selected by President Donald Trump to serve as the Secretary of Education, DeVos finally achieved a national level of fame. The fame associated with a cabinet-level position goes hand-in-hand with an enormous amount of work. The duties of the Secretary of Education are vast. Those familiar with Betsy DeVos’ political career know she is driven to succeed. Even when the landscape appears adversarial, DeVos handles matters with enthusiasm and a fighting spirit.


When DeVos was concerned mainly with Michigan politics, DeVos put considerable effort into pushing legislation. She also spent significant time supporting candidates for office. Her career shows a litany of successful attempts. Her work impressed President Trump enough to feel confident she could serve as the leader of the Department of Education. Past performance often provides indications about future actions. So far, DeVos effectively made the transition from activist and donor to a government agency manager.


The choice of DeVos as Secretary of Education makes sense upon examining her past activism. DeVos’ history reveals her support for school vouchers and the advancement of charter schools. DeVos’ dedication to education-related endeavors coincides with her interest in other philanthropic activities. Betsy DeVos, along with husband Dick DeVos, gave millions of dollars away to charity over the years. The DeVos Family Foundation has long been a well-known charitable institution in Michigan.


Overseeing a charitable organization contributes managerial experience to Betsy DeVos’ resume. The DeVos Family Foundation isn’t the only organization in which she operated a manager’s role. DeVos acted as a board member for both the Foundation for Excellence in Education and the James Madison Center for Free Speech. DeVos also served as the Chair of the Republican Party of Michigan. All these board positions come with great responsibilities.


The tenure of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education should prove interesting. Her prior experience will play a role in how she handles the job.


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Anthony Petrello Bringing Service That Changes Lives

Tony Petrello started in humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey, but soon caught on to ways of success and accomplishments and made way for himself in the oil industry. Petrello is now the CEO of the worlds largest drilling company in the world, specialing in land-based drilling. Besides his for-profit work in the oil industry, Petrello has helped fund research to solve neurological diseases, which inflict humanity.

Anthony Petrello laid the foundations of his long-time career by attending the University of Yale, where he studied mathematics on a scholarship, then he graduated from Harvard Law School with a JD. Petrello’s great success comes from his dedication and commitment to continue working toward his goals combined with a willingness to learn from others. When Petrello was growing up, he had a strong bent towards scientific research and problem-solving.

His interest and dedication paid off when Yale University awarded Tony Petrello a scholarship to be mentored by Serge Lang. After Tony Petrello became a wealthy oil industry leader thru being CEO of Nabors drilling, Petrello set aside a sizable sum of money to have a scholarship funded at Yale University in honor of his late mentor, Serge Lang.

While working at the Law firm of Baker & McKenzie, he serviced one of the contracts with Nabors Drilling. The owners became very impressed with the enthusiasm of Petrello and started to offer him a position, which convinced Petrello to join Nabors as an executive. It was from these first steps to success that later catapulted Petrello to become the CEO of Nabors a few years later. To this day he continues his same work ethic while providing relief to local communities thru his charitable foundation.

Tony Petrello also enjoys giving back to the community, and this is one reason why he is on the Board of Texas Children’s Hospital. When Tony and Cynthia Petrello’s daughter was born with a rare disease which impairs motor skills called periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), there was no cure for this disease available to heal their daughter. Tony and Cynthia Petrel pledged 7 million dollars of their personal wealth to fund research and treatment for PVL.

Tony and Cynthia Petrello find great hope that their daughter Carena, as well as other children, who suffer from PVL, will one day be able to live up to their full potential thru the present research leading to a cure. With the help of contributions from the Petrello Foundation funding established the Neurological Research Institute, which provides hope for a future treatment for PVL.

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Dick Devos Works to Make a Difference

Dick Devos comes from a very wealthy family, but he has always worked hard in the corporate world. He has made it one of his goals in life to improve the lives of those in his home community and to seek change in the public policy areas that he cares deeply about.


Grand Rapids is the hometown of Dick Devos and his wife Betsy. Mr. Devos’ family founded the Amway Corporation, and he served as the CEO of that company from 1993 to 2002. During his tenure as the CEO of Amway, Mr Devos used his position to help rebuild the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


When the city of Grand Rapids set forward a plan to build its new convention center outside of the downtown region, Dick Devos realized that this would actually cause harm to the city as a whole. He used his considerable influence to block the building of the convention center, and a new arena and convention center were built downtown. Downtown Grand Rapids was further revitalized by Mr. Devos’ efforts resulting in a performance hall, a city market and a medical school locating in the downtown area.


In addition to aiding his community from a business perspective, Mr. Devos has worked in the area of philanthropy as well. He and his wife donated a significant amount of money to help fund the construction of a children’s hospital that was part of the Spectrum Hill Health System of Grand Rapids.


Dick Devos and his wife sought to make a difference in the state of Michigan as well. They wanted to promote better education for the state’s students. Mr. Devos has been an advocate for providing vouchers for students to use at both public and private schools. In spite of the Devos’ tireless efforts in this regard, the state of Michigan voted against a voucher system in 2000.


This defeat did not deter Mr. Devos. He pressed ahead with his political ambitions and ran for governor in 2006. He was defeated in that race by Jennifer Granholm.


Although defeated on two political fronts, Mr. Devos continued his advocacy for the ideas in which he believed in. He took his ideas for school reform across the nation, and 24 states now have some form of voucher system.


In 2012, Dick Devos worked to change the labor policies in his state. He fought for a right-to-work law in Michigan. This action was successful in 2012.


Currently, Mr. Devos is the CEO of his own business known as the Windquest Group. He also serves on the board of the Federal Aviation Administration, and he is heavily involved in the private school that he founded known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


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What You Should Know About Dr. Shafik Sachedina And Sussex Healthcare

In France, the name Dr. Shafik Sachedina is famous. The successful doctor has been on the forefront when it comes to leading by example in the society. Dr. Shafik is charged with driving the Jamati Institutions’ Department, a role that he handles with utmost dignity. Although on a busy schedule, the renowned doctor facilitates the coordination of programs under the Ismaili society.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where he got to spend little of his childhood. The young Sachedina moved to England to pursue his medicine dream and joined the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School, University of London. In 1975, Sachedina graduated from the institution with a degree in dental surgery. After graduating, Sachedina set out to begin his practice in England where he served for several years.

Dr. Sachedina insists that it is during the period he was practicing that he started developing an interest in the entrepreneur part of the healthcare sector. Shafik’s relationship with Agha Khan Jamati Institutions is close as he serves as a volunteer. The talented doctor is charged with coordinating Ismaili community’s institutions in the 16 locations they are situated. Besides, Dr. Shafik has volunteered for two terms as the president of Ismaili Council for the UK.

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However, in the recent past, the name Sachedina has attracted the attention of the media due to his new venture, Sussex Health Care. Dr. Sachedina’s health care is behind many care homes situated in West Sussex. The care homes operate independently and concentrate on attending to the elderly especially those with mental disorders such as dementia.

Dr. Sachedina believes in bringing the best care one can ever seek. Therefore, he has equipped the care homes with the best of the best specialists who hold an experience needed to take care of those with mental disabilities. Besides, the homes also attend to individuals with acquired brain injuries, as well as learning difficulties. Sussex Health Care has been operational for the past three decades. Today, the homes have attended to more than 300000 individuals and still recording more and more.

As one of the organization’s chair, Dr. Sachedina has remained focused on expanding the areas of service by establishing new facilities. Not long ago, the organization launched a new daycare in Broadbridge, outside Horsham. The new outreach offers a temporary residential placement for individuals with acquired brain conditions. Also, the home has some slots for the younger generation with learning difficulties.

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Betsy DeVos Defends Free Speech for Students

Addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference, United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said that students were having a hard time exercising free speech on campus. She says that legislators and others must step out to protect the rights of students to express their opinions. Furthermore, DeVos says that her time in college was an important time where she worked out many of her beliefs that have shaped the rest of her life. She says that the administration is committed to protecting the free speech rights of students. She says, however, that she has no doubt that free speech is always going to win.


The speech in front of the Conservative Political Action Conference follows six months after similar remarks DeVos made when addressing the American Legislative Exchange Council Conference. During that meeting, DeVos urged legislators to make sure that they did not fund state colleges where students did not have the right to speak as they chose. She said that she wished that she wished that the federal government had the right to cut funding in cases where students were not free to speak out on issues important to them.


DeVos says that college should be the place where students learn to debate with students who hold other views in a civilized manner. She praised the legislators in several states for passing laws to make sure the right to do that was protected.


DeVos who has long been an advocate of educational choice says that she believes that freedom of speech is foundational to parents rights to choose where their children attend school. In an address at Harvard, DeVos says that great universities are where outstanding theories should be debated because they are outside the political theater realm. Many conservatives like DeVos point out that public universities should play the role that public squares have played throughout history where great ideas can be debated and defended.


DeVos is not the only one within United States President Donald Trump’s administration who believes that free speech on college campuses needs to be defended. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has filed papers to help several student groups across the United States defend their right to free speech. President Trump has also defended these rights that are part of the First Amendment.


DeVos says that she is very concerned about what will happen to America in the future if students are denied the right to speak out about their beliefs. She says that learning to defend their beliefs should be part of the college experience.


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