Matt Badiali: Helping Investors Increase Their Returns Significantly Using Science

Using his background in science has enabled Matt Badiali to provide excellent investment advice. Badiali has been sharing his advice through the newsletter ‘Real Wealth Strategist’ which Banyan Hill Publishing as been putting out since he joined the company in mid-2017. And readers and investors using Badiali’s tips have seen the returns on their investments soar into the double and triple digits. Not bad for a guy who until 2004 was focused on a career in geology. It wasn’t until a friend with a PH.D in finance asked Matt Badiali for help creating science-based investment strategies that he began providing investors with guidance. Visit Matt Badiali at to know more.

In his newsletter Matt Badiali focuses on the energy, agriculture, natural resources and metals industries. His advice resonates with investors because of the depth of research Matt Badiali does before recommending a particular product or industry. He not only reads up on the industries, he visits the sites were the oil, metals and other natural resources are being mined to see for himself how the work is progressing. Badiali even studies the weather reports to understand how that can impact production. He then writes compelling narratives revealing his unique insight.

A Penn State University graduate with a degree in earth science, Matt Badiali also attended Florida Atlantic University and earned a master’s in geology and was at the University of North Carolina pursuing a Ph.D. when fate led him into an entirely new career in 2004. Asked by a friend to use his background in science to help provide investors with better investment strategies, Badiali agreed. And he hasn’t looked back since. Seeing his father struggle to profit from his investments was a motivating factor for Matt Badiali and now he’s helping average Americans to get better returns on their money. Learn more on about Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali is encouraging his readers to consider investing in zinc, lead and copper this year. His research has revealed a consistent upward trend in their value over the past few years. And with supplies currently limited and demand high, Badiali thinks those metals offer investors the opportunity to get excellent returns. He is particularly excited about the potential growth in value of zinc and copper. Badialli encourages his readers to do more than simply follow his advice. He recommends they read as much as possible and learn more about the companies, markets and finance as well as the science behind the industries, before making their investments.