Roberto Santiago: Shifting Careers

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian businessman and entrepreneur who is known for building the largest mall in the state of Paraiba. However, Roberto Santiago never intended to become an entrepreneur in the first place, as he was already contented in his writing career.


Born in the city of Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago have always wanted to do something that would make his hometown proud. The town of Joao Pessoa is frequented by tourists from all over the globe, because of its pristine beaches and historical sites. It is also the home of the easternmost point in the Americas, drawing curious people and adventurers alike. He has thought of creating a business that caters to the needs of the tourists like a restaurant or a souvenir shop, but he does not possess the courage to start the company that he conceived. Thinking that it is impossible for him to manage his own business, Roberto Santiago decided to focus on his writing stint instead.


Roberto Santiago has been working as a writer ever since he graduated from the school which he attended. He found his passion for writing after he drafted several articles and let his friends and family read them. They praised his style of writing, and he decided that he should make a living out of it. He applied in major Brazilian publications as a writer, and soon after, he was writing articles for the nation to see. He was enjoying his passion so much, that he already forgot doing business in his home city. With the introduction of the internet, Roberto Santiago’s works were seen by so many people around the world, and his following increased.


One day, as he was walking along the streets of Joao Pessoa, he noticed a vacant lot that was put on sale. The lot was big, and he thought of developing it. His dream of building a business for his city once again crossed his mind, and he decided to develop the land that he bought and turn it into a shopping mall. The construction of his shopping mall took two years to build, and it opened to the public in 1989. He named the mall as Manaira Shopping, and it became the new symbol of economic progress for his hometown. The mall stood at the heart of the city, and it has several amenities and facilities that the locals can use. The way of life for most people living in Joao Pessoa changed after the construction of the mall, and Manaira Shopping became a stopover for tourists visiting the city. Manaira Shopping has undergone several renovations and expansion, and today, it keeps on growing and becoming a self-sufficient mini-city at the heart of Joao Pessoa.



Introduction to Paul Mampilly as an Investor

The prominent and successful investors pay concentration to the world around them. When they do an observation of the events around the world, they can identify various markets trends which in turn help them to forecast the next move of the world events. Every investor interest is to determine the future Amazon or Microsoft. Despite this, the investors usually divert their research towards the information documented in either the Wall Street Journals or Forbes. Unluckily, stock decisions based on the public Knowledge unusually results in essential outcomes.

As for Paul Mampilly, for finance profession and a well-known investor, people are supposed to cooperate with the world around them for diligent investment decisions. Investors are also required to differentiate between that lies between natural disasters and resource shortages. They can also gain by knowing how politics gets to affect organizations and industries. For instance, companies that depend on military contracts increase more profits when the foreign currency hardliners are appointed to run the public offices. They can also check on political turmoil in upcoming markets with the following knowledge at their fingertips, and investors may be capable of short-selling the stock of particular organizations.

They also need to keep track on the rising stars in various organizations since they can short the markets and gain from the short-run earnings by the responding trends. They are also liable for making a massive profit by investing in emerging companies. For those with substantial investment funds, they are free to consider investing in venture capitals. Unfortunately. Most of the investors barely have enough resources for such investments. They instead wait for IPOs to purchase the public stocks.

Luckily, young stocks usually have low prices. Thus the investors can manage to buy shares without using much of their financial resources. The company that happens to interfere with the market with an innovative product, its stocks rises instantly. This provides an investor with a chance to earn exceptionally high returns. For instance, a red cap share goes for $5 in August. The investors can easily purchase them in a large number of red cap shares at this particular price. If it happens that the shares rise to $50, investors can sell them and gain substantial profit gains. This is an example of an optimal investment scenario.

Profit unlimited was established by Paul Mampilly and stands to be the leading investment industry newsletter. Many starters and seasoned investors are after reading it due to its certified ability to achieve. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at

Paul Mampilly has advice on three investments that will take over the world

Investing in the stock market can be intimidating and full of risks. Even though it is known to be tricky, statistics show that 40 percent of Americans invest in stocks. If you have an experienced investment advisor on your side, you will have a better chance of making money. Paul Mampilly, financial guru, is helping Main Street Americans make money via the stock market. His recent advice is to invest in food delivery services, electric vehicles, and precision medicine.

Paul Mampilly was born in India, but moved to the United States as a young man. In his youth he became interested in Wall Street, finances, and investments. After college he got his start working a Banker’s Trust as a portfolio manager in 1991. He continued his successful career working in important positions working at well known financial mega giants such as Deutsche Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and ING. Mampilly has also dipped into the pool of entrepreneurship. He founded super successful newsletter Profits Unlimited which has over 90,000 subscribers at the moment. With his newsletter he gives readers advice on stock options, which ones to invest in, and a plethora of other information. His personal investments are incredibly successful especially Sarepta Therapeutics who developed a drug treatment back in 2012. It made a 2500 percent gain, which is outstanding. He took a chance with it at the time, and it has certainly paid off. Paul has made other smart investment decisions that have worked out very well.

People love to eat out. They are spending more money on restaurants right now, more than ever. People are also gravitating towards healthier foods. Lately, food delivery systems are growing in popularity. You can have an easy and healthy meal at your doorstep. Plus, it creates less waste, which being environmentally friendly is also becoming the norm. Personalized medicine is growing faster than ever. Instead of investing in major drug manufacturing companies, Mampilly suggests investing in genetic testing companies. They take patients DNA to find the right treatment for them, instead of treating them with something generic. This means they can diagnosis serious problems faster and can speed up the healing process. Who wouldn’t like that? The last smart investment that Paul Mampilly suggests is electric cars. They are going to be everywhere really soon, and there is not stopping it. They cost of owning a car will drastically drop, especially when it comes to paying for fuel.

How George Soros Is Using Philanthropy To Make The World Better For People Struggling With Mental Health Issues

Being put down for simply being yourself is a hard thing to deal with. Unfortunately it is a struggle that far too many people still deal with from people have struggled with addiction, had to do dangerous work in order to feed themselves and people who come from communities that have been exploited by others that have more power than they do. This feeling of being targeted simply for who you are is one that George Soros knows well. While Soros is a wealthy businessman and philanthropist today he began his life as part of a persecuted community in his native Hungary in the early twentieth century. He grew up during a time where a volatile political situation in Hungary meant that members of his community were being physically harmed simply because they were different. Soros’ family was only able to avoid this kind of targeted violence by hiding their identities. This experience of living in fear because others feel threatened by an innocuous difference would arguably go on to shape the rest of George Soros’ life. He was able to make it out of Hungary and eventually traveled to Britain where he would complete his post-secondary education. After earning his diploma he settled in the United States and ended up working on Wall Street. He would later launch his own company first called the Soros fund and later the Quantum Fund. Know more on about George Soros.

Under Soros’ leadership and financial savvy the Quantum Fund would go on to earn unprecedented returns on the investments that it made. In the early 1990s George Soros was believed to have brought in $650 million over the course of one year. He reached an important milestone in 1993 by becoming the very first person in America to earn an annual salary of $1 billion. Arguably these are the years where Soros made much of his fortune. His success in the world of finance is what enabled him to create the Open Society Foundations which is the philanthropic network that would allow him to help marginalized people around the world who had been targeted for being different just as he had been as a young man. For example the Open Society Foundation funds vital health programs and grant making initiatives around the world. One of the network’s initiatives focuses on the issue of mental health in countries where attitudes towards mental health are still progressing. The Open Society Foundation’s mental health initiative seeks to enable people who are struggling with mental health issues to live with dignity and not be forced into institutions that do not meet their actual needs. The Open Society Foundations health care programming also focuses on meeting the healthcare needs of marginalized minority groups such as the Roma who have had to deal with barriers to healthcare access. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Duda Melzer’s Online Success Record

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also known as “Duda.” This Brazilian business leader is an influential figure in Brazilian media nad abroad. His family owned company of Grupo RBS and e.Bricks Digital has provided many opportunities not only financially, but also in assisting fellow citizens. Grupo RBS focuses on news and radio media, while e.Bricks Digital focuses on online media. This focus on online media has been critical to preparing Brazil to become a major player in digital media you can view it on YouTube. Ranking among Globo and Google in Brazil are just a few of the successes this relatively new company has enjoyed. Duda Melzer’s goal of making Brazil a leader online has been recognized in just a few years. The company also focuses on providing businesses in Brazil an opportunity to establish a presence online, thereby increasing sales.

While Duda Melzer’s company has already funded well over 300 million to Brazilian businesses, the criteria to receive funding are rigid. Companies must be able to provide a track record of profits and success among numerous other conditions. There must also be a strong probability of success for the business to excel online. Newer startups are also welcome to apply, however, the criteria are quite strict, and the chance of success online must be incredibly strong according to e.Bricks Digital.

While Duda Melzer certainly has great success in business, it’s the result of hard work and an impressive educational background. He holds an MBA from Harvard University and continues to take coursework at the school on occasion. He’s also served on many panels regarding ethics and won many awards for his leadership. Companies such as Ernst & Young and the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise are just a couple of the major players that have recognized Melzer. His family oriented style impresses not only these organizations, but business leaders worldwide.

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The Current Position Of Investors And The Difficulty In Planning Retirement

One million dollars has been wagered by Warren Buffett. He claims he can achieve better returns on an investment than hedge fund managers by placing his investment in an S&P passive index fund. Chances are excellent he will win his bet. Mr. Buffett feels too many funds are expensive, mediocre, and shortchange the investor. He has proven his approach of analyzing companies and building a solid portfolio for the long term.

Mr. Warren Buffett has given some good advice in his shareholder letter. He believes the passive versus active debate does not apply to investors and mutual funds often provide poor returns. He has also stated the opportunities and risks regarding passive index investments are unknown. His advice is to stick with low cost, long term investments. He has challenged the idea that passive index returns are safe because he believes they do not protect investors when the market goes down.

Mr. Buffett believes an investor must do much better than the average crowd when times are rough or their nest egg will disappear. There is no way to know ahead of time which funds will do well but the combination of high manager ownership and low expenses has resulted in fund managers who consistently outpace the average results. Most Americans have to plan their own retirement and the younger Americans may not be able to successfully do so.

Raed more about Timothy Armour on Barrons

Timothy Armour is the CEO of the Capital Group. One of his most prominent skills is in the management of equity portfolios. His experience in investments totals 34 years and it is all with the Capital Group.

Mr. Timothy Armour’s career began when he participated in the Associates Program with the Capital Group. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics while attending Middlebury College and his current base is in Los Angeles, California.