Waiakea Water Uses Timeplast’s Additive to Develop the World’s First Degradable Bottles

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is hitting the headlines for all the right reasons. Recently, the bottled water company was celebrating its inclusion in the Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing companies in America. Even before the celebrations die down, Waiakea Water announced that it had succeeded in developing the world’s first degradable bottles and that the company will package its premium bottled water in the revolutionary containers starting early next year.

Ryan Emmons, the founder and the president of Waiakea Water, took his time to explain the concept of degradable bottles–which, by the way, are not synonymous with biodegradable containers. In fact, Emmons suggests that attempts to make plastics biodegradable have not borne tangible fruits. However, his company uses a Timeplast’s additive (first and only patented additive for nano-degradation of plastics) to manufacture degradable bottles. The additive alters the polymer chains resulting in a material which is 100 percent similar to traditional plastics but is much more eco-friendly. Emmons stresses that a degradable plastic lasts for only 15 years when discarded to the environment whereas regular plastics can last up to 1500 years becoming an environmental nuisance.

Developing the world’s first degradable bottles was a difficult undertaking, but Waiakea was up to the task. Emmons confirms that the company spent over five years and did over 1200 experiments to fine-tune the chemical processes to develop a game-changing product. Another challenge that the company had to deal with was related to obtaining the first and only patent approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The use of degradable bottles is just one of the many steps that Waiakea Water has undertaken to protect the ecosystem. The company in partnership with emission control experts such as Ecometrica is interested in reducing the adverse impact of its operations or products on the environment. What’s more, the bottled water company is at the forefront of promoting sustainable production by spearheading reforestation in Mauna Loa and other regions of the world. The Mauna Loa and its environs are the primary sources of Waiakea’s naturally alkaline volcanic water. Waiakea Water has bagged several awards for its holistic approach to business.