Chris Burch Shares Several Elements That Fuelled His Success

It is one thing to be a successful investor, and another to be a successful entrepreneur. Chris Burch has both areas of his life nailed. Chris Burch has been a successful investor for four decades and is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has also had the opportunity to work with famous brands and people in his career.

His company is about laying the groundwork to formulate ideas that disrupt the status quo. The creative process begins with talented people who can work together to help make a lasting and positive impact on the lives of others. Chris Burch’s company likes to work with ideas that have potential to morph into something special and big.

His company is about customer experience too. Burch Creative is on a mission to create value for their customers. Looking back Chris Burch shares the circumstances that inspired him to start a company like Burch Capital. He had a strong desire to use his skills to improve services and products offered by companies.

One of the best ways to accomplish this was to use his talents to help other businesses achieve their goals. While his company may not fund every business idea that comes across the desk, it looks to fund businesses with unique business ideas.

Chris Burch is a busy man, and spends a lot of his time examining updates on his investments, see ( A great deal of his drive comes from having spent time on a construction site as a youth. The construction job served as the perfect place to learn what hard work is all about.

Even though he has accomplished a great deal, Chris Burch wishes that he had been even more disciplined in following his dreams as a younger man. This is wisdom he offers to anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. A person should follow their dreams with absolute passion, useful source on

The Humble Beginnings of EOS Lip Balm

The maker of EOS lip care products is two ordinary men. They are Jonathon Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. The duo is intended to make a lip balm that was attractive and appealed to women. They came up with the egg shape design because it does not have lost and roll under other items in a makeup bag or purse.

Jonathon and Sanjiv invested much of their own money into the company. They did not agree to offers from investors and others. They hired an outside team to help them get to market. Still today, they invest more and more of their own money into the company.

The pair wanted an eye appealing product that would jump out of women while they were shopping. They pondered over the design for months before settling on the egg shaped container for the lip balm. This product is intended mostly for women. There are special designs for children and older women.

EOS lip balm products have unique designs and flavors for all holidays. They are produced out to be festive. Women of all ages are drawn to that little egg shaped lip balm. They enjoy the flavors. These lip balms appeal to all the senses.

Despite starting as a humble company, EOS has grown into a company that is currently worth $250 million. The company was based on the principle that women should have their own lip balm. Market researcher Jonathan and Sanjiv did find that most of the lip balm on the market had the same ingredients, limited flavors, and was for both genders.

EOS first appeared in a Walgreens store. The owner was a woman. The couple who invented EOS found the opportunity they had been waiting for. The woman who owned the Walgreens knew she had to achieve this in front of her customers.

Dr. Saad Saad: Painful Swallowing

One of the things that scare parents is that when their children are extremely young they tend to put foreign objects in their mouths and swallow them. This is very common when a child is two years old. Typically, the object will be swallowed and enters the stomach without any real complications. However, there are times when the object will get stuck in the windpipe. A child under six can be held upside down and have their back pat if this happens. Most of the time the object will come out. If a child has food stuck and they are over six, it is safe to perform the Heimlich maneuver. If these procedures fail, the child should immediately go to the hospital.


An extremely skilled pediatric surgeon who has seen his share of children get food stuck in their throat is Dr. Saad Saad. In his over forty years practicing medicine, he has helped thousands of children who have ended up choking on foreign objects. In the event a child must go to the emergency room, an x-ray can pinpoint whether the windpipe or food pipe contains the stuck object. The disadvantage to an x-ray is not every item can be seen through an x-ray. If the child displays the symptoms of a stuck object and the x-ray looks normal, then the next step is for the doctor to do a bronchoscopy or an esophagoscopy. Dr. Saad Saad has performed these procedures many times during his career.


Dr. Saad Saad points out that some of the most dangerous things in his career that have been swallowed by children are batteries and peanuts. He places batteries at the top of the danger list. After a child swallows a battery, there is the potential for the battery to leak acid, which can cause severe damage to a child’s throat or stomach. Parents should remain vigilant when their child is playing with an object that may contain any type of battery they could fit in their mouth. Dr. Saad added peanuts since the liquid in the human lung can cause a peanut to expand, which means the blockage becomes even more severe.


Dr. Saad has a few rules he believes a parent should abide by so there is less of a likelihood of their children getting objects stuck. He says kids under two years old should not be allowed to eat hot dogs because they could potentially clog the entire food pipe and children under the age of seven should not eat peanuts. Finally, he believes when children are playing, it is important to remain careful that they aren’t placing foreign objects in their mouths and try to be aware of the surrounding environment. Learn more :



Guilherme Paulus: The Charitable Contributions Of The CVC

Guilherme Paulus has been able to obtain wealth beyond our wildest dreams, but he has not forgotten where he came from. He has founded several companies that have achieved great success and provided him with financial abundance. He is most notably known for being the founder of the CBC travel agency back in 1972. Guilherme Paulus is 68 years old and has almost 50 years of experience in the travel industry.

Guilherme Paulus has recently been ranked among the world’s billionaires, and he has a net worth of approximately 1.1 billion. However, he has not let this impressive success get to his head. He has always remembered to give back to the community. His most successful company, the CVC travel agency, has been known to give back to the community for more than 10 years now. The CVC is constantly engaged in creating strategies that properly support the local community. Read this article by Guilherme Paulus at Forbes

The CVC travel agency has a program that trains young people in the art of tourism. The travel agency is also a sponsor of the National Project of Professional Initiation. This organization has several immersion programs that young men and women can participate in. The intention of the programs is to awaken the entrepreneur in everyone in the community. He has made it to where the CVC travel agency is known to adhere to social responsibility practices in the communities in which it is present.

Guilherme Paulus has made it to where the CVC has the ability to benefit low income family by providing them with school support, medical and psychological care and Vocational courses for the Young people. The CVC travel agency.has more than 30 thousand partners between airlines, hotels, land and sea carriers. Because of all of his accomplishments, Guilherme Paulus has been honored by several International governments around the world. Among these governments are the countries of France, Mexico, the United States, Argentina and Venezuela. All of these Countries have recognized him for the services that he has rendered to the tourism industry. He has also earned several titles in magazines from his home country of Brazil. He is known as one of the best businessmen in tourism.

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Betsy DeVos Brings Experience to a Cabinet Position

Betsy DeVos long since maintained notoriety in Michigan Republican Party circles. As a donor to the GOP, she assisted the party on a national level as well. Beyond party activities, DeVos involved herself in a host of philanthropic and charitable endeavors. After being selected by President Donald Trump to serve as the Secretary of Education, DeVos finally achieved a national level of fame. The fame associated with a cabinet-level position goes hand-in-hand with an enormous amount of work. The duties of the Secretary of Education are vast. Those familiar with Betsy DeVos’ political career know she is driven to succeed. Even when the landscape appears adversarial, DeVos handles matters with enthusiasm and a fighting spirit.


When DeVos was concerned mainly with Michigan politics, DeVos put considerable effort into pushing legislation. She also spent significant time supporting candidates for office. Her career shows a litany of successful attempts. Her work impressed President Trump enough to feel confident she could serve as the leader of the Department of Education. Past performance often provides indications about future actions. So far, DeVos effectively made the transition from activist and donor to a government agency manager.


The choice of DeVos as Secretary of Education makes sense upon examining her past activism. DeVos’ history reveals her support for school vouchers and the advancement of charter schools. DeVos’ dedication to education-related endeavors coincides with her interest in other philanthropic activities. Betsy DeVos, along with husband Dick DeVos, gave millions of dollars away to charity over the years. The DeVos Family Foundation has long been a well-known charitable institution in Michigan.


Overseeing a charitable organization contributes managerial experience to Betsy DeVos’ resume. The DeVos Family Foundation isn’t the only organization in which she operated a manager’s role. DeVos acted as a board member for both the Foundation for Excellence in Education and the James Madison Center for Free Speech. DeVos also served as the Chair of the Republican Party of Michigan. All these board positions come with great responsibilities.


The tenure of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education should prove interesting. Her prior experience will play a role in how she handles the job.


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How To Benefit From HCR Wealth Advisors

Who Is HCR Wealth Advisors

Many people fall into a financial bind without advice to rely on. Financial institutions will promise to give them financial support tools and business help, but may not live up to their promises. HCR Wealth Advisors, a wealth management and investment advisory firm, helps its clients with rebuilding or establishing their wealth. They approach a client’s finances with compassion and can help find solutions to debt. More importantly, the firm provides personalized care that can discreetly help clients restore their business finances. They also have retirement counseling to help clients live a better future.

How Can HCR Wealth Advisors Help Your Burden Of Debt

As an investment firm, they have been able to create a financial fitness plan to reshape client finances. Clients have the opportunity to take advantage of a comprehensive plan that teaches them how to make better decisions with their money. They can take a comprehensive checkup of their finances and get suggestions on different strategies. Their checkup requires a series of questions that analyzes financial behavior. Customers get their finances reviewed to help them realize their dreams of wealth. HCR Wealth Advisors cares about each client’s future.

HCR Wealth Advisors Business News

HCR Wealth Advisors based in Los Angeles, CA, is a well-established registered investment adviser. The firm’s goal continues to be helping their clients reach their financial goals. They provide education to help clients manage financial risk. They understand how starting a business or saving for the future takes planning. Their team of responsive professionals will provide one-on-one attention to address financial issues. Clients can also learn how to successfully create their own personal financial business strategy. Learn more about their wealth strategy programs by visiting the HCR Wealth Advisors local office or conveniently online today.


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The Development and Values of NexBank

The financial services company of NexBank Capital, Inc., has been serving clients through its three core businesses which are Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking, and Institutional Services. NexBank has been providing customized banking and financial services primarily for the financial institutions, corporations, individuals nationwide and institutional clients. The mission of the company is being in industry leadership as well as being committed to their clients. Nexbank has and continues to strive in order to deliver values that may be uncommon for every opportunity. And they also strive in providing clients with an unrivaled access for custom-tailored and sophisticated solutions to be delivered by their experienced professionals that have proven track records with many successes. Two of the ways that they do this is through Business Lines and Company Profiles. Business Lines include providing banking and financial clients throughout the United States. And Company Profiles include the financial facts about Nexbank.

The ways that Nexbank helps with Mortgage Banking is through warehouse lending, wholesale & correspondent lending and to become a client. Warehouse lending includes nexbank focusing on creating long-term relationships with partners. New or additional warehouse lines are provided so that clients are able to fund and close loans more efficiently. Netbank has a strong understanding for the market, and their professionals have been consistently delivering reliable and quick fundings. They also offer personalized services as well as flexible solutions that involve, Jumbo, Conforming, and Government. And the third is Become A Client which involves offering a wide array of solutions for funding to their clients in order to meet the client’s needs.

Another one of Nexbanks core businesses includes commercial banking which includes, Commercial Lending, Commercial Real Estate Lending, and Financial Institutions. As well as Credit Services, Agency Services, and Treasury Management. Within commercial lending, Nexbank recognizes focus on reliable, timely and quality executions. Financial Institutions involves the holding company term loans and revolving lines of credit, tailored depository services and loan participations. And Treasury management includes Commercial Accounts, High-Yield Money Market Accounts, and Analysis Accounts.

The final core business of Nexbank is Institutional services that involve Finacial Institutions which nexbank offers a variety of tailored services. Treasury Managment that helps to increase the productivity of their treasury operations. Public Funds that help by offering tailored depository services as well as specialized interest-bearing accounts. And other services that are provided is Investment Banking and Real Estate Advisory.

Nick Vertucci: A True Rags-To-Riches Success Story

Nick Vertucci made millions in real estate after losing millions in the tech industry. Earlier this year he released a book, “Seven Figure Decisions”, that chronicles his experiences that brought him to where he is now. He hasn’t just been a millionaire once, he has been a millionaire twice.

In order to come back from losing everything, Nick Vertucci had to change his way of thinking and his life. With true entrepreneurial spirit, he fought his way back to the top and is doing better than ever. He hopes that by sharing his philosophy he is able to help others achieve their financial goals in real estate.

After achieving success in the industry, Nick Vertucci decided to share his knowledge with potential investors across the country. Nick Vertucci spent years educating himself about real estate before founding NV Real Estate. His education program quickly became highly sought after and has helped many students achieve financial freedom.

Hailing from humble beginnings, his family experienced financial difficulties in his youth. At only 10 years old, Vertucci lost his father and he knew he needed to work hard to succeed. His life changed when he was 18 and made the decision to enter the tech industry.

His computer accessory business thrived for several years until the tech crash in the early 2000’s. Nick Vertucci lost everything because of this including his home. At this point, he had nowhere to go but up.

He decided to get into the real estate industry and started training extensively. He walked away from his tech business with debts that mounted in the millions. He started small in the industry selling one property at a time and eventually built his empire into what it is today. In just 10 years he went from being millions in debt to flourishing in all aspects of life.

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OSI Group Has Seen Two World Wars Come And Pass But Remains Strong

If you travel to Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Hungary, Austria, to the Pacific, and to many other designated countries, you will find food products that have the label, OSI Group, a company that focuses on producing meat products. The history behind OSI Group is so rich that many people have sort to listen to it over and over. Well, OSI Group has had a presence in the beef, pork, chicken, and other meat processing market for a period of 100 years.

The First Shop

When it started, it was so tiny. The company that we now know that has over 20, 000 employees in over 17 countries started at a small community shop in Chicago. It was in 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky, one of the German immigrants who had moved to Chicago by that time when he thought of opening a butcher shop. That is what he did and started supplying his small German community with meat. He called the small join Corner Butcher Shop. As the community grew, there was a need for Otto to expand his shop. Later, he started supplying meat products in wholesale to a few retailers that had put up small shops at strategic positions in Chicago and Illinois.

As the need intensified, Otto brought his sons on board even naming the small company Otto & Sons. This business thrived as a family enterprise until when Otto & Sons joined with McDonald, a chain of restaurants that thrived a major part of the 1900s until the business officially changed the name in the late 70s. Many years after the Second World War, Otto & Sons made huge strides in the meat industry. One notable strider was the opening of the company’s first meat processing plant in 1973. Two years later, the company adopted the current name OSI Group, the name that remains to rock the world of food processing sector until this day.Another huge achievement was when OSI Group entered into the huge Asian market. This happened in 2001 when the government of China agreed to include the food processing company in the World Trade Organization. Since then, the company is headed for even greater heights.

Roberto Santiago  One of the Most Enterprising Entrepreneurs in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is listed amongst few of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has achieved tremendous success in the field of real estate, especially after the development of two of the most notable shopping malls in Brazil, Mangabeira Shopping Mall, and Manaira Shopping Mall. These malls are a class apart and are ahead of time. Roberto Santiago has personally overseen the construction of these shopping malls from scratch and ensured that there are no compromises in its construction. He has some of the well-known architects and designers roped in from abroad as consultants to provide that the design of the shopping malls turns out to be as good or better than the malls normally found in the western countries.


Roberto Santiago has completed his schooling in the Pio X-Marist College and did graduation in business administration from the University of Joao Pessoa. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of Joao Pessoa and is also highly popular among the people of the town. It is a one-stop entertainment junction for the people of all ages, starting from teenagers to the elderly. There is a garden for the elderly as well as the game room and bowling alley for the teenagers and young people. The kids can have endless fun with lovely music at the kids’ zone. The parents can enjoy spending quality time with their children at the kids’ zone that has some of the fun games. Most of the games that are installed here are imported from abroad to provide the local people with the mind-blowing gaming experience.


As far as shopping is concerned, one can find just about anything one can imagine at the Manaira Shopping Mall, starting from the car showrooms to some of the best fashion brands can be found in the mall. There is also a bank and a school that is located inside the mall, which signifies the scale at which the mall is developed. The movie theatre at the Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the best in all of Brazil and has a total of eight cutting-edge screens equipped with Dolby Surround technology. Three of the movie screens at the Manaira Shopping Mall comes with the 3D technology where the latest movies with the 3D technology are showcased. It gives the viewers one of the most immersive films watching experience ever. The high-tech 3D glasses are provided at the theatre itself to the audience to magnify the overall movie watching experience. Moreover, there are many different snack options to choose from at affordable prices for the guests. There is also a massive concert hall on the terrace of the Manaira Shopping Mall.