Up Close and Personal With Sunday Riley

You’ve probably seen Sunday Riley products in cosmetic shops. If not, what about in Social Media? It is a popular product without a doubt – very well advertised. Well, you might be quite familiar with the product, but how much do you about Sunday Riley, the person?

According to her personal opinion, when launching Sunday Riley in 2009, she had noticed a considerable gap in “green technology and chose to take advantage of this. Since she’s always motivated to stay or look young, she developed science-based active ingredients with botanicals which is Sunday Riley. It is now selling in the market. Most of what she knows was acquired on the job every day. With every product that she makes, she tries to upgrade her skill set and device better methods and strategies. Her results come from trial and error. Her central principle is to concentrate more on the ingredients as an art rather than as a chemist.

Sunday Riley doesn’t have a preference for any of her branded products; she views all of them equally. Losing confidence in one means that she’ll terminate it from the lineup. Among her line of products, she isn’t excessively proud of good genes. She doesn’t attach too much emotion to her line of products since if she does and considers that products as non-performing, she’ll have no choice but to cut it off. However, the foundation (which is in 20 shades), is the most complicated product that she has ever made.

Although Sunday Riley shares a name with a brand, they are two different things. She considers her success as a result of her sheer hard work which has humbled her. Her take on criticism is also quite excellent. When on Reddit, she tries not to read too much about the brand but considers that complains too. She launched good genes at a time when there weren’t many acids in the U.S market which meant great sales. And since word travels fast Good Genes started doing very well in the market. Her reply on the termination of the Sunday Riley make up line is of a financial nature. It came at a time when they had a lot of development in their products, and Sunday Riley wasn’t sustainable anymore.

She developed a new foundation with the intention of getting the right amount of shades, and it’s based on a great formula. It was tested by family, friends and many other people who made it possible.

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