Steve Ritchie Writes An Apology Letter To Customers

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, a leading supplier of Pizza in the world. He joined this position recently and has been trying to change the way business was done before him. After joining this company, one of the things he has done is to try and give back the lost glory that this company once enjoyed. Under the previous leadership, some things had not gone down well with the customers, and the company had to reassure the customers that they will be respected and given priority at all times. Steve Ritchie took up this position ready to transform and make the company successful.

Steve Ritchie recently wrote an apology letter to the customers after he took office. He expressed how the company was sorry about what had transpired under the previous management. According to, Steve reassured the customers that Papa John’s would treat them with respect and accord them the best services. He pleaded with the customers to understand that the company is trying to do everything possible to change the situation. They respect their customers, and that respect should not be erased just because of utterances by one person.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s used the letter to remind the customers that Papa John’s is bigger than any single employee or executive. There are over 200,000 people who work closely with this company, and they should be spared from the mistakes of one person. They are ready to reassure their customers that there are measures that will be taken to ensure that such a mistake never happens again.

In the apology letter by Steve Ritchie, he also addressed the measures he will take to boost customer confidence in the organization. As the head of the company, he will try as much as possible to bring changes that will get back the company to the glory it once enjoyed. Steve Ritchie has promised that he will send out his senior team to the field, to talk with the customers, employees, and merchants. He will also invite an external audit team that will audit the culture of the company.

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