Rocketship Is Helping Students from Low-Income Communities Achieve Their Dream

Rocketship, San Jose, CA, is a leading national network of public elementary charter schools that serve low-income individuals in the region. As a collection of parents, students, teachers and leaders, Rocketship is working together to transform the future for communities that are on low-income across the nation. Founded in 2006, the organization’s goal is to eliminate the achievement rift by coming up with a sustainable program that promotes in underprivileged societies all over the country. Rocketship have actively engaged parents in the school community and their student’s learning. Through the organization, parents can become advocates for their children and the community as well.

As of 2012, Rocketship was running five schools in the regions around San Jose. An average of 450 students per school was observed. Majority of the students at organization are entitled to free lunch. Nearly 70% of the students don’t consider English to be their first language. At Rocketship Education, they believe that every child ought to have an excellent education. According to them, every kid can study in a four-year college and that mission can only start at the kindergarten level.

Rocketship has been lauded by many because of better test scores witnessed in these schools. Today, there are nearly 13 Rocketship schools that is home to 6,000 students in the San Francisco Bay area, Nashville, Tennessee and Milwaukee. The schools consists of students manly from the Hispanic community. Despite coming from low-income families, the students manage to outwit their peers on test results.

Rocketship schools have become famous among people in the region. One parent expressed her delight at how the schools were being managed. The parent explained how administrators and teachers at the schools motivated and encouraged students, something she has hardly witnessed in other schools.

The adoption of technology has been part and parcel of Rocketship. The schools track the amount of time spent on the existing learning programs. The main purpose of this drive is to maximize the instructional time and monitor data. By so doing, they are able to teach kids to use their time wisely.

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