The Humble Beginnings of EOS Lip Balm

The maker of EOS lip care products is two ordinary men. They are Jonathon Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. The duo is intended to make a lip balm that was attractive and appealed to women. They came up with the egg shape design because it does not have lost and roll under other items in a makeup bag or purse.

Jonathon and Sanjiv invested much of their own money into the company. They did not agree to offers from investors and others. They hired an outside team to help them get to market. Still today, they invest more and more of their own money into the company.

The pair wanted an eye appealing product that would jump out of women while they were shopping. They pondered over the design for months before settling on the egg shaped container for the lip balm. This product is intended mostly for women. There are special designs for children and older women.

EOS lip balm products have unique designs and flavors for all holidays. They are produced out to be festive. Women of all ages are drawn to that little egg shaped lip balm. They enjoy the flavors. These lip balms appeal to all the senses.

Despite starting as a humble company, EOS has grown into a company that is currently worth $250 million. The company was based on the principle that women should have their own lip balm. Market researcher Jonathan and Sanjiv did find that most of the lip balm on the market had the same ingredients, limited flavors, and was for both genders.

EOS first appeared in a Walgreens store. The owner was a woman. The couple who invented EOS found the opportunity they had been waiting for. The woman who owned the Walgreens knew she had to achieve this in front of her customers.

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