Brazil State-Owned Banks Assist With Development – Igor Cornelsen Explains Their Role

How exactly do Brazilian state-owned development banks work? Americans might be well-versed on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but wealth manager Igor Cornelsen can explain the role of BNDES and Caixa. Just like other development banks, these provide cheaper loans to low-income borrowers.

“What is the BNDES?”

The Brazil National Development Economic and Social Bank is government-owned, established in 1952. Its primary focus is on stimulating capital markets, equipment transactions and export financing. The BNDES had 2011 total assets of $334.7 billion.

The BNDES lends money at a lower rate, about 5.5%, which can be used to stimulate national productivity. The government has used this to move more citizens into the middle class. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen’s methods at ireport.cnn

“Caixa Role”

With its origins, extending back to 1861, the government-owned Caixa Federal Savings Bank is the fourth-largest Brazil financial institution by assets (at $630 billion for 2015). Caixa is present in most Brazil cities; it is #3 in terms of number of branches, with 85 million accounts. Caixa runs the primary Brazilian lotteries also.

BNDES and Caixa provided an estimated 55% of all Brazil loans in 2015; thus, they are very important to the economy. How will they fare after 2017 reforms? Visit about Igor Cornelsen

“Fueling Brazil’s Development”

As Brazil reforms its system in 2017, it must decide what to do with its government-owned banks. In many ways, these can be used to set the interest rates charged for the private sector market. The tremendous growth of Brazil has been based on helping create a stronger middle class. The future growth must also depend on this growing consumer class.

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Omar Boraie was able to help the city

Omar Boraie is the passionate father who was able to take New Brunswick, New Jersey out of the ashes and turn it into the amazing economic juggernaut that it is today. Omar Boraie spent decades instilling a vision of compassion into Boraie Development LLC. They dreamed of turning New Brunswick into an economic giant like the great successful cities in Europe. After four decades, Omar Boraie can confidently say that he achieved his goal.


According to NY Times, Boraie Development LLC has been donating immense funds to the city for years. Omar Boraie wanted to keep his giving a secret, but twisted some arms and got their hands on that information. They wrote an article and discussed how Omar Boraie gave the New Brunswick City Council $150 million do regrow the commercial and residential sectors. Omar Boraie made it clear that he did not want any of that money to come back to him. He wanted the profit to be used to start grants for kids looking to go to school in New Brunswick.


Sam Boraie discussed with the executives of Boraie Development LLC, and they developed three things needed to grow New Brunswick. The first area that needed attention was the family situation. Parents did not want to raise their children in New Brunswick. The second area that needed attention was the job situation. Current businesses were leaving, and no new businesses were opening up. Lastly, the middle-class had left.


Omar Boraie began several non-profits to make New Brunswick more welcoming to families. One of those non-profits was the State Theater. Every summer, the State Theater offers seven free movie nights to the community. They show family-friendly movies to give people quality time with each other. Check out Bloomberg for more info.


Omar Boraie then began looking at ways to lower the unemployment rate in the city. The first problem on his hands was that businesses were leaving. Omar Boraie caught wind that Johnson and Johnson was thinking of leaving town. If they did, then it was game over for New Brunswick. Omar sat down with the corporate office and was able to convince them that it would be very beneficial for them to stay.


Omar was then able to bring new jobs to the area by focusing on the middle-class professional. Omar built towers that focused on granting office spaces and condos that were upper class for middle-class prices. This cause professionals to flock to their city. You can search on Yahoo to know more.


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Ted Bauman: The Future Of Bitcoin

Bitcoins are becoming very popular in the recent times. People from all over the world have chosen to use this form of currency. Investors have decided to invest in Bitcoins too. Ted Bauman, a renowned financial expert, says that it is a huge problem. According to Ted Bauman, people using this form of money might soon experience substantial economic challenges. Bauman recently wrote an article about the worrying future of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin does not work like the other forms of currency in the modern times. If this does not change, the future will not look bright for the people who use Bitcoin to make their financial transactions. For instance, Ted Bauman says that it might not be possible for a simple transaction to go through until twenty minutes later. The people who will have the biggest problem are those who will be paying for transport so that they could go somewhere.

Bitcoins do not work like the ordinary credit card companies. The decentralized platform has not been able to perform numerous transactions at a go. People using Visa are safe because it can comfortably handle hundreds of thousands of activities in few seconds. Bitcoin, on the other hand, can efficiently complete several dozens. If there are many people using Bitcoin to do their transactions, they will have to wait until the other operations have gone through. The fact that the Bitcoin transactions need several minutes to process, it is a huge disadvantage to consumers. Things are getting better. In the past, some transactions would require almost an hour to process. Read more at about Ted Bauman

For Bitcoin to grow and become a great currency like the others, it must be able to work as fast. Consumers should be allowed to use this platform without being forced to wait for several minutes. If this problem is not solved, Ted Bauman says that the consumers will have tough time working with Bitcoin.

Ted Bauman is a respected finance expert who has a lot of expertise in investments. The businessman serves as an editor at the prestigious Bauman Letter. He is also an editor for Alpha Stock Alert. Bauman has worked with Banyan Hill Publishing for a while, and this is why he has earned the respect of so many people in the market. The expert helps people with knowledge on how to manage their investments and live a good life. Bauman went to some of the best schools in the country, and this is why he has done well.

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