A Taste Of Wine For Everyone

Julia Jackson was born in San Francisco in 1988. Her parents, Jackson and Barbara Banke, instilled in her an interest in wine from a young age. Julia’s family was surrounded by all types of wine and various wine-making processes. Her father would take Julia and her siblings out to pick grapes and sort them before they were turned into wine so that they would understand the process and have an appreciation for it, which has paid off for Julia.

As an assistant to the international sales team of Jackson Family Wines, she aids her family in bringing new varieties of wine to other countries. Julia founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014. This is an organization that is dear to her heart as it celebrates the strength of women across the world. Money raised for the organization helps women develop a sense of independence through education and teaching them basic life skills.

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Julia also wants women to see that they can get involved in the wine industry, one that is predominantly operated by males. Her education from Stanford Graduate School has helped Julia become the businesswoman she is today as she uses those skills to market the wines made by the family. These skills are also used to teach women about how to make wine or how to operate a business of their own.

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