Pucker Up and Balm

Smooth, moisturized lips put the kiss in kissable. Although, seasons make maintaining luscious lips not much of a beauty bliss. Gloss offers temporary treatment but does not rejuvenate lip skin. However, goddess-like lips are still achievable with lip balm, an important tool for cushioning lip health. A fantastic balm line to consider when protecting delicate lips is Evolution of Smooth.

Evolution of Smooth balms support protected and soothed skin with ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil, while being free of harmful ingredients such as paraben and petrolatum. These active ingredients will help lips feel softer and silkier than ever! Evolution of Smooth has four main balm selections; including organic and shimmer. Each selection offers a unique way of safeguarding and enhancing lip health. Enticing flavors like passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, vanilla milk, and fresh grapefruit leave delicious kisses!

A summertime mate to consider is Evolution of Smooth’s Active Protection balm. This incredible lip balm is a lip screen that hydrates and protects from the sun with SPF 15 or 30. Evolution of Smooth even offers the options of purchasing balm spheres, sticks, and packs on Target stores. The perks this line has to offer makes EOS lip balm a top choice. However, other terrific balms are ready for use too!

Browse the market before settling on a lip balm. Other wonderful balms include Burt’s Bees, Blistex DCT, LaRocca and Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm. When searching for the best lip balm, keep the ingredients in mind. Some ingredients to watch out for are menthol, salicylic acid exfoliates and alcohol. Researching balm lines is a secure way of finding best choices. Reviews on Facebook are a handy tool too. Once smart decisions are made, the Goddess of Love will be asking about beauty tips for puckering success!

Read the EOS history here: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick

Cotemar Leads The Petroleum Revolution

Cotemar, the Mexican oil company, is no ordinary old company. In fact, it’s one of the few that are working toward making progress in renewable energy in Mexico with the likes of Sierra Oil, Diarqco, Nuvoil and Renaissance Oil. If this can be achieved, Mexico can correct the damage done leading to the production capping of Cantarell, which led to oil production decreasing by 1 million barrels a day. The Challenges Cotemar will face include partnering with rival companies, learning to compete in a new way, reducing inefficiencies, optimization and cleaning up of their accounts.



Cotemar will need to come to a middle ground regarding land inherited from previous owners who are used to solving social demands to ticks, as is the case in Veracruz.  But despite the odds, the energy sector in Mexico is very much working towards this energy revolution, something which will help the nation grow tremendously. Estimates made by the Energy Secretariat suggest that if the company alliances pass the fourth round of rigorous trials towards qualification, also called the Deepwater Trion field; this phase may bring in investments of $45 billion.



Cotemar is a company specializing in offshore oil services, contributing to the overall gas and oil industry production. This is done using the most efficient of processes which are implemented by leaders in the technology industry and people with a great work ethic. Their vision is to play a role in bettering the production and participation of the company in the newer businesses in the oil industry, both locally and on a global scale. They are supported by a fleet of the newest generation of vessels and the latest innovation in work methodology. Founded in 1979 in its capacity as a service company to the energy sector, Cotemar quickly grew into the largest offshore service providers in the gas and oil industry in Mexico, providing it’s specialties to the Petroleos Mexicanos oil and gas based operations and services.



Cotemar makes sure to treat it’s employees right, with its offshore catering and accommodations exceeding expectations. The host of services includes laundry, cleaning of the common areas, bedding services and good food on vessels and rigs run by them. They also own barges, boats, towing vessels and fire fighting boats to help haul big objects at sea, maintaining the high standards in the inspection that you’d expect out of Cotemar.





Julie Zuckerberg, a Marvel in the Financial Services Industry

If you are of a mind to work in the financial industry, and you live in or around New York you may want to contact Julie Zuckerberg, of Deutsche Bank. Ms. Zuckerberg is an extremely capable woman who has been in the financial business world since graduating college. At that time, she joined Hudson as the director of candidate placement.


She was employed by Hudson, in 2002, for five years in which she recruited many people, attorneys, case managers, paralegals and support staff and whatever other staff was needed. Part of her duties as a recruiter was to explain the job to the candidate, such as the benefits, guidelines, and their prospects as well as the policies for promotion.


She Joined Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York in 2007 and an Executive Recruiter. She was an advisor to the management on different recruitment strategy, and the newest compensation trends in order for them to gain an edge over their competition. Julie also managed expatriate and international relocations, which gave her a major skill of finding talent internationally.


Julie became the executive recruiter for Citi Global due to her expertise and her exceptional performance along with her skills. With this new position, she gained the exposure and learned more about the recruitment process both in a practical manner and more in-depth. This is the experience which helps the recruiters to be able to identify which of the candidates they are working with would be the most productive for the company. The hiring of just the right candidate is an art, and the key to her, or any recruiters, success and enhancing their performance. She has garnered a wealth of information and knowledge in Compliance, management, and recruitment, legal and audits. One of her jobs was to work with the senior management staff to plan and provide good business strategy.


At present, she is employed by Deutsch Bank in Manhattan, New York, an investment banking company that was started in 1870 in Germany. She holds two positions at present with Deutsch Bank, one as a Vice President and the second one as an executive recruitment lead. This very capable woman has a plethora of skills, just some of which include interviewing skills, strategy, human resources, succession planning, employee training applicant, tracking, and coaching. She is among the top most experienced and qualified people in talent acquisition and human resources management.


She believes that with the right recruitment of just the right people and the lessening of attrition is a key component of any business success, which is an art that she has truly mastered over the years.


Julie Zuckerberg attended the New York School of Law at New York Brooklyn College and the New York Law School. From there she enrolled in the City University of New York-Brooklyn and studied philosophy.


In her private life, which she keeps on a very personal level, she enjoys the arts, running, and technology. Her other issues she cares about include human rights and animal rights. She does, however, maintain a Twitter page and a profile on Pinterest,